My Gold Heart competition

Heard about My Gold Heart? It’s one of the hottest, ‘it’ necklaces on the block right now, but one you can feel extra good about buying ‘cos it’s ‘an accessory with a conscience’.
My Gold Heart, R180

You see, aside from looking gorgeous around your neck, this 24K gold-dipped heart has a purpose; to act as a physical reminder to be a nice person. (I hope that when I wear mine, it’ll prevent me from driving up people’s asses; using up all the hot water when I shower and throwing stompies into my neighbour’s garden when I’m drunk…)

Terminator 3's Kristanna Loken's a fan.

Also, 10-percent of the company’s proceeds go to worthwhile charities like Equal Education, a community and member-based organisation that champions good quality education for everyone in SA.

Now here comes the good news for you… My Gold Heart has kindly offered up one of their little sparklies to be given away in a competition. To win, all you have to do is drop me a mail on telling me which colour silk string you’d like on your very own My Gold Heart. (Personally, I’m quite keen on pink ‘cos it’s the colour of breast cancer awareness, something that’s v. close to my own heart as I’ve got two aunts that are breast cancer survivors. But then again I’m also totally feeling the rooi-ness ‘cos it’ll match my glossy red nails… Decisions, decisions…) To check out all the different colour options, click here. There are twelve to choose from and they range from chocolate brown and black to a summery-looking turquoise…  

The comp is open to Saffa peeps only and I’ll get Simon, the dude who sits behind me in my office to pick a winner at random at the end of this week.

Good luck chicas!


X x x

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