Getting down with Groove Armada – almost

Did anyone go to Groove Armada?

One half of the DJ duo, Tom Findlay, played at Cape Town’s superclub, Trinity, over the weekend.

That's Tom on the left. Didn't realise the dude's a hottie...

Nickle Pickle and I popped in, ready to get our ‘Superstylin’ on, but unfortunately had to leave just before Tom did his set. (Some ‘friend dramz’ popped up… you know how it goes…) Still, I had a good time regardless. We were in the VIP section with an open bar and didn’t hesitate to get stuck into the vodka and Red Bull. I really liked that the area was nice and high up, on the third level of the club, so you could look down onto the dance floor and see all the aksie.

See that oke in the red tee? That's not Tom...

All that hazy shizz in the piccie is a mist effect type-thing, not a haze o’ nicotine. Trinity is a non-smoking club, so you don’t go home reeking of smook. Still, if you want to sneak an evil cig, there’s a roof top courtyard just outside the door. This is where we met a group of hot young chef boys who promised to teach Nics how to make pastiche de nata, whatever that is… (In a weird twist of fate, my Blackberry’s just informed me that one of them has just tracked me down on Facebook. He’s offering to make me champagne-flavoured macaroons, but I think Cape Town Girl’s cornered that market already… )

Before we left the club, we chatted to Martyn the Motorola sweetheart. (The place was packed with peeps from MTN as they were one of the event’s sponsors…)

Martyn and Nickle Pickle

He showed us this rad new smartphone, the Motorola DEFY. At first I was very ‘ja… ja… whatever, I’m a Crackberry girl…’, but now I’m almost miffed I didn’t pick up this baby instead. 

Hello Moto!

Aside from the fact that its water resistant (perfect for bath tweeters like me)…

Coolest party trick ever...

 …it’s got something called swipe technology so, when ‘typing’, you only have to slide your fingers over the touchscreen keys and it automatically ‘knows’ which word you’re trying to put together. Just a few ‘slidy slidies’ and you’ve got ‘hello my name is leigh’. Love it! 

The DEFY also has a FIVE megapixel camera with a flash and takes pretty decent piccies…

Martyn snapped this shot in a pitch black club using the new Motorola Defy. Decent, ne?

Before we left the club, I tried a few pieces of Trinity’s sushi. It ain’t no Willoughby’s, but it’s pretty decent and I love that you can order it at the club until late. (They also do pizza until the wee hours of the morning… fab for late night, post-cocktail munchies…)

After dealing with le ‘friend dramz’, Nix and I hooked up with KP and co at Asoka and things got… interesting.

Woop, woop!


Yip, 'The Claw' made it out too... think it was looking for carbs...

As with most fine night’s out, it ended with a binge session at the Woolies Engen on Orange…

Ag nee, Karisa's finished all her chips... oh wait, that was me...

Having broken my Atkins seal with the sushi, I decided to toss my pre-Thailand bikini diet o’ death into the bin and hooked up with a Barcelo’s peri peri burger with pine and cheese.

My preciouusss... (Re the red lei I'm weaing... no clue where I picked that up. If its yours, BBDM me. Its lying on the floor of my car...)

It was at this very moment that our ‘sophisticated’ friend Korkie screamed ‘ATKINS DIET IN IT’S P*ES!’ It bellowed around the store, people stared and I left in a huddle o’ skaam. Dunno if I can go back there now… 

Love, love


X x

P.S. Martyn! I’m so sorry, but while you weren’t looking I really got into the whole ‘ease of messaging’ thing and sent some random text message to a chick on your cell saying something along the lines of ‘I like to pick my nose’. Again, my apologies. I blame all that free booze… ;-P

P.P.S. FYI, I’ve been told I missed out on a killer performance. Apparently Groove Armada’s Tom, like, totally rocked the casbah…

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