Crabtree & Evelyn Iris review

It should be pretty clear by now that I love, love, love Crabtree & Evelyn. Their Gardener’s Hand Cream has ruined me for life in that I just can’t imaging putting anything else on my mitts – and I adore their olde worlde, ever so posh packaging. Toootally reckon that if you popped into Buckingham Pallace for tea, you’d find C&E goodies in the Queen’s ‘lavatory’… and I’d expect she uses their beautiful draw liners too… 

Anyhoo, I was a spoiled little sausage in that Crabtree’s lovely PR peep, Vincent, sent me a body lotion from the brand’s new single note fragrance collection, Iris.

Even the bag it arrived in is beautiful...

The fragrance’s notes consist of the finest ‘Iris’ around; the Orris Root as well as bergamot, cassis, sandalwood, patchouli, fresh vetiver, cedarwood and creamy musk. Been dying to sniff this baby for a while ‘cos bloggers have been going on about how its the nicest of all their ‘single note’ frags. Now I can tell you that I totally agree with them.

Love that the body lotion's free of nasties like parabens, phthalates and mineral oil, yet has a rich, silky texture that absorbs into your skin as quick as a flash

Despite being a flower-inspired scent, Iris is not your Ouma se floral. To me, its beautifully understated and smells a bit ‘earthy and lush’ – kinda like wood that’s gotten wet in the rain. And despite not having any orchid in the mix, something about it reminds me of this little potted orchid my mom used to keep in her bathroom back in the day; it’s got the same mix of ‘lush floral’, ‘damp soil’ and ‘bath towels fresh outta the tumbledrier’ type of scent.

I also really like the fabulously clean-smelling vetiver and cedarwood notes and think this almost could’ve been a unisex sex if it weren’t for the patchouli, iris and musk. There’s a part of me that wants to call this fragrance ‘sexy’, but that’s not right. It’s too understated and elegant for that, so ‘sensual’ will have to do.

Could totally imagine this on vintage-lovin’ hipsters like Kate Moss and Sienna Miller. They both like artsy flowery single note scents like Penhalligon’s Blue Bell and this would fit their bill in that it’s the correct balance between ‘quaint’ and ‘quirky’, if you get what I’m trying to say…

To give it a sniff, pop into your nearest Crabtree & Evelyn store. (The body lotion costs R240,00 for a nice, big 245ml bottle). You can also read more about it on their gorgeous local website. LOVE that you can now buy their goodies online.

Love, love


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