My evil bruise o’ death…

Remember how I fell off my office chair and got attacked by it’s arm the other day? This is the result.

Nasty, hey? And FYI, he’s name is Basil. Basil the bruise…

My camera tends to latch onto and exaggerate yellow so its showing all of the geel in this boy, but actually, to the naked eye, he's mostly blue and red.

Anyhoo, I had to cover him up for the Playboy party and promised to tell you how to do it, so here goes…

When it comes to hiding the results of a failed chair surfing attempt, you need to get clever with colour; if you’re dealing with a very blue-looking bruise, you need to neutralise it with a bit of orange or red. If the bruise is more red, you can zap it with green concealer and violet-coloured marks respond well to yellow.

As my bruise was a zesty mix of blue and purple, it was best to treat it with red and yellow. Thus, I gave it a nice dusting of a v. reddish coloured blush (MAC Peachykeen) which immediately made it look better. (I could’ve also rubbed a bit of red lippie on it, but I actually don’t own any… only red lip gloss…)

Next, I applied a few swipes of v. heavy powder foundation in a shade that matched my leg using a sponge. To set my handy work, I dusted it with Revlon’s Even Out Corrective Pressed powder. This custard-yellow coloured powder is unfortunately discontinued, so I tend to track it down on eBay. (If you’re looking for a locally available alternative, try something like Benefit Bluff Dust or Clinique Redness Solutions Instant Relief powder).

Here’s the result of my handywork…

bruise hidden with make-up
Bye bye Basil! A pretty decent improvement if I don't say so myself...

And there you have it!

x x x

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