Roxette live in Cape Town

Who went to the Roxette concert last night?

Marie and Per back in die dag...

Flip, I haaate going to shows at Grand West… I always feel like I’m watching a skouspel in (C)anal Walk… and the traffic situaasie is always a frikken ‘mare of note… Still, I really wanted to see Roxette, so it was all worth it.

Join the Joyride, bietse!

Gotta say, the crowd was a weird one. Think seriyasly old women frolicking about in tracksuits and cheap-ass ‘I got this bling with my cellphone contract’ Makro-style jewelry… and really young girls who had to have been in nappies at the time hits like Dressed for Success were rolling out…

Regardless, my friends and I had a jol and I liked that their playlist consisted almost entirely of their old shizz… Think Sleeping in my Car, Joyride, How Do You Do, Listen to Your Heart, Must’ve Been Love (but it’s ooooover now), etc, etc.

Nickle Pickle and I have The Look. Do you?

Once or twice they threw out some random new song that none of us Saffas have ever heard of and we’d all kinda just stand there, shuffling around… checking our Crackberries… and then BANG, they’d crank up She’s Got the Look and we’d all scream, jump, wave our hands and belt out every word… (Like, totally skaam-faced that I still know every word…)

Nix, KP and Shello; Dressed for Success

Also, I have to point out that at 52, Marie Fredricksson looks bloody good. Girl was rocking toit leather pants and has the hips of a 12 year old boy. V. zexy… v. jealously inducing…

'You know she's a little bit dangerous...'

As for Per Gessle, he now looks like a bit like your oom, but his voice is EXACTLY the same… (‘Walking like a man, hitting like a hammer, she’s a juvenile scam, never was a quitter…’ Love it!)

In all, this was a super-fun flashback and I had a good time.

Shaping me up for the big time, baby!

X x x

P.S. You guys gotta try Steers’ new Spicy Tikka Chicken burger. It’s delish!

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4 thoughts on “Roxette live in Cape Town

  1. Cool Stuff Leigh! Glad to see that the “verversings” didn’t caught you off guard on these pics! But it was Jahssss Show!!!!!

  2. Hee hee. I’m doing Atkins at the mo – anorexorising to look hot in my bikini for when M and I go to Thai Thai. They didn’t have vodka, which is zero carb, to mix in my Coke Lite, so I stuck to plain ole diet soda. 😉

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