Atlantis: End of a World premier

Last night, my mate Omesh Authar invited me to the premier of Natalie Becker’s new flick, Atlantis: End of a World, Birth of a Legend.

Reece Ritchie and Stephanie Leonida, the lead actors in the film.

This was an intimate li’l affair that took place at his spot in Tamboerskloof and dude really went to town catering for everyone.

Omesh used to cook on Eastnet, so he's no stranger to the kitchen.

He laid out enough snacks to feed an army, including two different types of popcorn, homemade bread, sinful macaroons and enough kaas to put the SA cheese festival to shame…

This meneer was my favourite; a mix of pesto, cream cheese and sweet chilli sauce. Yum!

Naturally, the guests of honour were Natalie Becker and Bjorn Steinbach who feature in the film.

Natalie B and Bjorn.

Natalie plays Ariad, a vulnerable young Atlantian who gets into a bit of a love triangle with Reese’s character, Yisharu. (Just so you know, Reese is the dude who played Ray Singh, the love interest in The Lovely Bones). Nat says she almost didn’t want to tell anyone about the flick as she wasn’t exactly in love with the ‘authentic’ ringlet-riddled hairstyle they gave her. Also, her make-up was pretty much nil – they kinda just smeared two different types of panstick on her to even out her complexion. Still, she really needn’t have worried ‘cos we all thought she looked absolutely gorgeous.

As for Bjorn, his role’s kinda tiny. In fact, he only had one or two lines, but I reckon it definitely shoulda been bigger – dude knows how to rock a loin cloth… As we’re both from PE, peeps would always point him out to me at parties and ask if I knew him, but actually, this was the first time we’ve properly met. Still, we’ve decided that we’re going to perpetuate the not so mythical myth that all PE folk know each other and tell everyone that we grew up together and have photos of us playing in the bath. However, should he get really famous, I may have to alter our tale to how we once shared a shower… when we’re, like, eighteen…

Wassup ladies...

In regards to the film itself, it’s a special effects docu-drama that was shot right here in Kaapstadt at the Waterfront Studios. Much of the aksie is due to green screen CGI-effects that look a lot like the tech they used to create 300. It tells the tale of Atlantis and how a big ass volcano erupted, causing the city to disappear into the sea while the surrounding islands got struck by seriyasly big tsunamis. Naturally Nat dies a horrible death, but we all agreed he boobs looked lovely in the process… 😉

Must say, it was throughly weird to watch a film with the people on screen sitting right next to you, but you soon get into it. In fact, its kinda like watching a DVD with the directors commentary on. Think ‘Oh, you see that bull! His name was Bingo and he was, like, sooo tempermental… He kept on charging at that chick and ruined the scene, like, three times…’

Anyhoo, as I’m a big nerd when it comes to mythology and used to suck up everything I could find in regards to Atlantis, I enjoyed the film and thought Nat’s acting was fab. The partytjie also served as a little farewell for her as she’s now off to New York to chat to producers about an exciting new project she can’t talk about at the mo… but you can watch this space for deets.

Other guests included Clayton Morar, he of Tropika Island of Treasure fame, and Seventeen’s ed Khwezi Magwaza.

Khwezi reckons that if you're a vampire freak like she is, you should snap up the new issue of the mag; they've done a big feature on The Vampire Diaries hotties. (Her personal fave is Ian Somerholder...)

Once the credits rolled, we all clapped and I did a quick duck as I had to go take care of the hungover sick little Smethlette who was waiting for me at home, but the dramz didn’t stop there… Omesh, being the perfect host, had sorted me out with my tipple of choice, a nice, big bottle of Pongraz, and, as I’d only had a glass, he re-corked it and slipped it into a goodie bag. He doesn’t know this, but as I was walking to my car, it sommer burst open with a bang that sounded like a bloody gun shot.

The bottle floating in its contents. Ag nee...

Jirrrrrrre… I came THIS close to wetting my pants in his front of his house…

Thanks guys, I had a… er… blast… 😉

x x x

Want to watch the film? Its showing on DSTV’s BBC Knowledge channel. Check your guide for deets. You’ll feel v. proud to see such a nicely shot film that was done on local turf and can play ‘spot the Saffa’ while you watch… (Langley Kirkwood’s in it too, he plays some big deal chief-type person…)

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