Kanebo SENSAI Cellular Performance Wrinkle Repair Collagenergy review

This week I’ve been test driving two products from Kanebo’s SENSAI Cellular Performance Wrinkle Repair series.

The line was created to help fast-forward your internal body clock to help maximise your skin’s cellular performance in the morning. This because at night, when you’re asleep, your skin’s microcirculation and cellular turnover is at it’s best. (That’s why it’s best to use certain products at night if you want them to work overtime). Alas, after peaking, your cellular turnover rate takes a seriyas dip. This is why when you wake up, your complexion is, er, less than stellar.

Merrily, this is where Kanebo’s new SENSAI Cellular Performance Wrinkle Repair Collagenergy, R1950,00, comes in. As it’s formulated with potent natural ingredients like energising Star Fruit Leaf complex, its kinda like a Red Bull for your face. It works by giving sleepy cells a kick start and minimising the time you have to spend in a cellular turnover lurch.

SENSAI CP Wrinkle Repair Collagenegy - a power brekkie for skin.

It also makes use of collagen-promoting ingredients like Moon Peach Leaf extract to help plump up your skin and an SPF of 20.

Having used it during a super busy, extra stressful time period, where I’m not getting as much sleep as I’d like, I can attest that it definitely helped ensure my lifestyle didn’t show up on my face.

I’m also in love with its soft fruity-floral scent, something Kanebo calls ‘Refresh Aroma’. This was created especially for the product to ‘help awaken your skin and spirit’. They even went as far as to include a little graphic that illustrates it’s effect on brain wave activity. (In tests, inhaling Refresh Aroma helped switch peeps to a more ‘positive, alert and refreshed state of mind’. Gotta love them Japanese brands, right?)

Another plus is, as its a feather light fluid that you apply after your day cream, it doesn’t leave your skin feeling or looking greasy.

Aside from using Collagenergy in the morning, I’ve also been using Kanebo SENSAI Cellular Performance Wrinkle Repair Cream, R2 100,00, at night.

Want even more collagen? SENSAI CP Wrinkle Repair Cream is your friend.

It contains an array of ingredients that help rev up your collagen production while you sleep and, despite it’s rich, luxurious texture, it hasn’t caused any break outs in my combo-oily skin.

I also love that its got a gorgeous pearlescence to it that actually shows up on your skin, giving it an instant glow. I don’t care if I’m about to turn out the light and nobody’s going to see it… I like hitting the pillow feeling pretty… 😉

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