Patron Silver party – can’t wait!

Ooooh, looky, looky…

Tequila... it makes me happy...

The invite to the SA launch of Patron Silver tequila just got hand delivered to me at my office. (Yes… yes… I’m, like, sooo fancy…) ;-P

It says: ‘Love to be a VIP? Perfect!’ and promises cocktails and canapes in a penthouse suite in town. I like… I like…

Gotta say, I was v. slow to jump on the Patron boat when their coffee-tequila mix first hit local shores. In fact, I couldn’t think of anything more disgusting… Still, I gave it bash at last year’s Loeries after a shot was bought for me by a darling, ultra hot, young lad old enough to be my son… Β Or at least to have been in nappies while I was getting the hang of a training bra…


Was so surprised by how yummy it was! Sweet enough to take the edge off the tequila, but with enough ‘evil’ to ensure your friends alleviate you of your car keys… ;-P

Since then, it’s become my shot of choice! So I’m v. v. excited to see what it’s silver sister is like…

Fun, fun, fun,


x x

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