I just saw the snippet on Top Billing of moi and Karis Piss at Ryk Neethling’s bash and all I can say is what a waste of PVR bandwith… 😉

To my darling friends who spotted the show’s promo and sent me messages along the lines of ‘OMG! I saw you with Ryk Neethling on the Top Billing ad… You’re looking oh so glamorous!’: Are you people BLIND or something? All I saw was moi telling le society page photo dude to hold on while I popped my boob back into my dress!

Hee hee hee…

Still, at least y’all got to see the trance-like look on KP’s gesigJirre jissus… do you SEE what I mean? Had to drag her zombi-ish, Ryk-possessed corpse around with me all night. Was tres exasperating…

Seriously though.. I don’t understand why the camera didn’t pick up all the interesting, juicy shizz that happened later on that eve… like when Ryk had a bit too much of his own vino and threw himself at my feet and begged to father my children… Or  ripped all the flowers out of those big glass vase-thingy’s and ran after my car screaming ‘But I’ve got my own jewellery line with Jenna Cliffoooord! I can get us a fat discount on a rock the size of your fiiiiiist!’

(It happened, really… I swear…) ;-P

Anyway, that’s enough ranting… my miso soup is getting cold. (Yes, yes… the supper of social climbing harlots champions… I’m still busy anorexorizing for the Peroni yacht VIP-thingymajig on Saturday. Dax was on board last mo and said it’s pretty awesome, so let’s see… )

x x x

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