Nab this month’s ELLE and score a free mascara!

While at the Camps Bay Pick and Pay, I picked up the March issue of ELLE, delighted to see it came with a free L’Oreal mascara. In fact, they had two different L’Oreal mascaras to choose from; Extra-Volume Collagene and Telescopic Explosion.

This dude's worth over one hundred bucks in the shops, but you can snap him up for free with a R30 ELLE magazine.

I opted for the volumiser as I’ve tried Telescopic Explosion before and found it gimmicky and kak. Will try the Extra-Volume one and let you know what I think, but for the record, the best L’Oreal mascara I’ve ever used is Voluminous, the one in the dark gray tube with the gold lid. It volumises without a drop clumpiness and is v. easy to use – just two slicks and you’re all set. That and Maybelline Full N’ Soft are my ‘go to’ mascaras at times when I’m too broke to shell out for Lancome Hypnose or Clinique High Impact.

Another reason to buy the new ELLE? My fabulous eight page push-up bra insert is in it!

Jenna Pietersen rocking a lace balconette.

Gorgeous, right?

Gina Athens looking like royalty.

For those of you who don’t know, I’m a copywriter on the Woolie’s account at The Jupiter Drawing Room. (It’s fun ‘cos we’ve got a bar that opens at 5pm every day – and the drinks are free! Also, I think we’ve got an Investec-like policy in that we only hire hotties… You should SEE some of the boys I get to work with… you’ll DIE!)

Still, my team works so hard that often the stuff I do just whizzes off my desk and then, because I’m so caught up in the next project, I never get to see it out in public. (I’ve written scripts for TV commercials that I’ve yet to see outside of an editing suite!) So ja… was v. nice to stumble across work that I could take to my boyfriend, point to and go ‘See that?! I did that! This exists because of me!’

He didn’t say much, mostly ‘cos he was hypnotised by Gina’s, er, assets, but I could tell that his glassy little stare was infused with pride… 😉

Love, love


x x

UPDATE: Bligh. I can see why they’re giving away Extra-Volume Collagene – the huge brush makes it awkward to use and the formula itself is sticky-feeling and gross. But don’t be put off L’Oreal mascara in general. Like I said, their Voluminous one is seriously awesome.

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