Just in time for V-day: Jean Paul Gaultier ‘Love Actually’ limited editions

Love Jean Paul Gaultier? Well, he loves you too… so much so that he’s whipped a beautiful trio of limited edition fragrance sets for Valentine’s Day.

Love, love, love!

The collection is called Love Actually and consists of a specially packaged Le Male (125ml, R740,00), Classique and Classique X (both 100ml, R995,00). Each comes in a pretty tin with a big heart on it and includes a cutesy little 3,5ml mini – the perfect size to pop in your purse.

The heart design is stamped onto the cellophane that covers each tin. As I had to remove it to open them, I made a point of leaving Le Male sealed so as to show you what it looks like. Check it out:

Sweet, right?

Even sweeter are the mini’s. Look at how tiny they are!

Ag soet man!

Also, and this is embarrassing… today is the first time I’ve ever sniffed Classique X – and it’s delish! Due to the darker packaging, I assumed it would be a heavier version of Classique. Gaultier also makes it sound deeply mysterious, using words like ‘X like a secret identity… X like hidden desires…’ The kinda stuff that makes you think it might just be the perfect scent for some leather-clad, whip crackin’ dominatrix. However, it’s actually much lighter than the original and rather fresh-smelling.

If the former is a zexy corset, this baby’s a sheer, baby doll pink negligee. It opens with a sparkling citrus blast of mandarin and bergamot, but quickly settles into a deliciously creamy dry down thanks to base notes like vanilla and cedar.

Next time you’re in store, give it a bash. I think you’ll like it.

X x

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