Lee-Anne Summers gets glam for the Glamour/GQ Met pre-party

The other day, celeb publicist Andrew Farr called me up with an offer that was simply too good to resist… He wanted to know if I’d be keen to hang out with actress Lee-Anne Summers and watch her get glammed up, celeb-style, before the Glamour/GQ J&B Met pre-party.

Thus, I rocked up at the Summers’ spot in Camps Bay and pulled into their enormous 20-car garage which looks like something out of a Bond movie. (My poor beat up Ford Fiesta, quivered with embarrassment, having to park behind Lee-Anne’s zexy Porsche Cayenne, which, to put things in perspective, may well be the ‘kakkest’ car in the garage – after mine, of course… ;-P)


Lee-Anne came out to meet me sans make-up and I was impressed by her lovely skin. ‘I use SK-II’, she says. ‘You can’t get it here, so I pick it up when I travel…’ This is something Lee-Anne’s been doing a lot of lately, but she’s going to be home for a while now as she’s busy producing a play called Fat Pig which will run in Cape Town in September. ‘I’m playing a bitchy ex-girl friend, which is actually a lot of fun’, she says.

Lee-Anne without a stitch of make-up on.

I was then introduced to Khandiz, her make-up artist. The two met on the set of Big Fellas, where Khandiz was doing the make-up and now, whenever Lee-Anne has a big event, she calls her over to the house to help her get her glamz on. (FYI Khandiz has worked on so many celebs that she can’t remember half of them, but I did manage to wheedle out names like Minki van der Westhuizen and Gina Athens…)

Make-up guru Khandiz. And yes, she only has one name a la Madonna and Cher.

She also has her own line of pure mineral cosmetics called Mukup. Currently, she’s only showcasing her brush sets online, but soon you’ll be able to peruse her entire make-up collection, most of which she’s happy to customise to flatter your complexion.

Of all the Mukup goodies I got to play with, I was most impressed with her incredibly silky-feeling mattifier, No Time to Shine HD Powder, R150,00, and Mineral 3 Point foundation, R195,00. The latter (see the piccie below) is a pigment that can be buffed into your skin like a mineral make-up. However, should you want a little more coverage; you can add it to any cream to create a tinted moisturiser.

Clever, right? The more pigment you add, the greater the coverage.

Lee-Anne, however, was cray-cray for this customised Lip Glaze in Bronze Rose, R75.00.

Bronze Rose looks v. dark in the pot, but it goes on sheer and feels like a lush cream on your lips.

To get your mitts on Mukup cosmetics give Khandiz a ring on 084 7733760. Her prices are tres reasonable. For example, existing Lip Glaze colours are R75.00, while a custom colour will only set you back R100,00.

Now let’s get down to the business of fabulizing Lee-Anne…

After a quick application of Bobbi Brown Skin foundation and a few slicks of Bobbi Brown Corrector in Peach (this is great to blitz any blue tones, like circles under the eyes), Khandiz used her Bobbi Brown shadow pallete to dress Lee-Anne’s eyes up in nudes.

Khandiz's Bobbi Brown shadow palette. The shades she used on Lee-Anne's eyelids are called Camel and Rich Brown - they're the top and bottom shades on the left hand side of the palette.

To create a sexy winged liner effect a la Angelina Jolie, she used a mix of Bobbi’s Smoke and Navy eye shadow (the two shades on the bottom right of the palette).

Mooi, ne?

After a little contouring with Benefit Hula bronzing powder…

…she applied a custom Lip Glaze in Dune, a sheer bronzy hue, and gave Lee-Anne’s lashes a few slicks of Dior Show mascara in Black. ‘I love this mascara’, said Lee-Anne. ‘It makes me feel like I’m wearing falsies and we all love falsies… they do for your lashes what stiletto’s do for your legs!’

Ta da, bitches!

Once made up, we decided to crack open a bottle of vino while waiting for her dress, Gert Johan Coetzee, which was to be delivered to the house. I also decided to snoop around and take a few shots… Thus, I bring you the INSANE view of the bay from Lee-Anne’s bedroom window.

Hard life, hey?

And get a load of (just some of) her designer shoe collection…

Sickening, right?
See the red soles? That's 'cos they're Louboutin's, baby... In fact, half the shoes in her cupboard boast zexy rooi solletjies...

Oooh, and look at her make-up draw! It puts the product room at Beauty Bulletin’s head office to shame!

Would totally hate this girl if she wasn't so darn 'down to earth' and 'nice'... (Vomit...)

Oh, and take a peek inside her fridge!

Water, beer and Mrs. Balls... girl wasn't joking when she said she felt like she lived on planes and in hotels...

I also got to check out the dress she plans to wear to the J&B Met. It’s a Nicole Miller from Callaghan.

'It's actually a shirt, but I'll be wearing it as a dress. The people at Callaghan added a bit of black lace to the gaps in the side - so I don't look like a ho', said Lee-Anne, laughing.

Eventually, the rokkie for the night made its grand debut.

Gorgeous, right?

Alas, it was made for an anorexic extra from The Black Swan and Lee-Anne, despite being teeny tiny, struggled to get into it. Instead, she opted for something out of her closet, a pretty green dress from the Kate Moss collection at Top Shop. (You can see it in the very last piccie…)

She paired it with these Peter Lang earrings…

and OPI’s You Don’t Know Jacques.

Khandiz's top tip to check if your nails are done? Simply lick it. If it still tastes like polish, it's not dry yet.

To ensure her look matched her new dress, Khandiz mixed up the blue and yellow of her Inglot shadow palette to create a pretty sea green shadow.

Then came the moment I had been waiting for… getting to see just how exactly Lee-Anne styled her hair. (As you all know, I’m insanely jealous of the girl’s beautiful, thick, Cheryl Cole-esque hair and can’t believe it’s actually real). ‘Right! Hair time’, I clapped. ‘Show me, show me, show me!’

‘Oh, I just do this…’, said Lee-Anne, before simply pulling off the elastic that had been keeping her locks in a messy bun on top of her head. And just like that, her hair came tumbling down her shoulders, landing in a mass of perfection.

This shot is not styled AT ALL. All she did was pull out her hair band. And yes, when I saw this, a little part of me died…

As a finishing touch, Lee-Anne spritzed a little Stella McCartney Stella EDT onto her wrists and we left to hit up the partytie at The Table Bay hotel. Below is a shot of Lee-Anne all dolled up, chatting to the media.

‘This old thing? I just pulled it out of my closet… no, really…’

This isn’t my only piccie of this particular bash; I took loads and will be sure to slap up a post about it tomorrow. Right now, however, I’ve got to go pack for my friend’s wedding out in the sticks where I’ll be staying in a cottage with no electricity (gasp!) This is absolutely shocking to me as one of my cardinal rules is to never go anywhere where I can’t plug in a hair dryer. But hey, the things we do for love…

Later girls,


X x x

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