Schwarzkopf Gliss special

Hi girls

I had to buy shampoo this weekend so I was thrilled to see Clicks is running an awesome special on Scwarskopf Gliss at the mo; you can buy a promo pack containing a shampoo, conditioner and their new ‘wonder serum spray’ for just R99,00. (As the sham and con cost R45 each, you’re essentially getting the usually R80 serum for a mere R10).

Schwarzkopf Gliss Total Repair wonder-serum-spray

I love love love their Hair Repair range (it’s the line in cream nd orange packaging) as it contains loads more protein than other non-salon hair products. I’m also obsessed with their Oil Nutritive anti-split ends spray. (This comes from the yellow line). Nothing else on earth manages to condition the few damaged baby hairs I have on my crown area without weighing them down. If they ever stop making it, I’m stuffed.

I love this baby so much so that I have a stockpile!

Anyhoo, I tried the ‘wonder serum’ over the weekend, hoping to find another hair ally, but alas, it’s a bit too moisturising for my fine, dead straight hair and made it greasy with just one spritz. So ja… not for me… but if your locks are thicker than mine and in need of serious nourishment, it could well be your hair’s new best friend.

So go grab it now while it’s cheap-cheap!

x x

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