Le Maybelline launch

Hey girls!

Last night I hit up the Maybelline bash. It took place in a fancy loft-type thing in town (v. NY, NY) and involved specially made-up models, a very busy bar and tray after tray of Lindt choccie. Took a zillion piccies to show you, so let’s jump right in shall we?

Upon arrival, I ran into two fellow bloggers; celeb journo Clayton Morar and fashionista Jasna Zellerhof. They were hanging out with Seventeen ed Khwezi Magwaza, model Lieschen Botes and actresses Lee-Anne Summers and Tamryn Spiers.

Lieschen, Tamryn, Lee-Anne and Jasna looking mooi.
Clay clay, Jasna and Khwezi.

Love Lieschen’s rokkie? It’s from Long Street boutique, A List.

Aren't you glad you kept the belt on, cooks? It looks fabulous. x x

She was also wearing a particularly hot polish on her tootsies, so I snapped a piccie to show you.

Essie Punchy Pink from their 2009 Neon collection. If you think it looks cute here, you should see it in natural lighting - it totally POPS!

Ooh – and take a look at ll the yummy ‘sustenance’…

Dunno 'bout you, but I like my dop to look pretty...
Embarrassingly, many of the Lindt promo girls now know me by name... They pre-empt my greedy claw and simply hand it over, two at a time, sighing 'yes, yes, we know... "and another for your boyfriend..."'

Entertainment-wise, guests got to take in a sort-of fashion show featuring models dressed up to replicate the looks in the Maybelline’s limited edtion 2011 calendar. Check it out:

Who says being a teen mom isn't glamorous?!
Chica takes that 'choppin' wood' dance move v. v. seriyasly...

The models were all rocking Maybelline’s newest mascara, Lash Stiletto.

I'm actually wearing it today and can tell you it's just the thing to create long, defined-looking lashes without sacrificing the volume factor.

After the show, I ran into celeb make-up artist Elouise Dreyer. As we were too busy skinnering about industry shizz, I didn’t manage to snap a pic of the two of us together, but I did grab a shot of her impressive eye make-up. Check it out:

TWO glitter liners? Girl doesn't do anything by half...

Glamour mag’s beauty ed Margaux Knuppe and Carol MacCallum, owner of Just Skin Aesthetic Clinic in Green Point, where also in the mix.

FYI, Just Skin are running a fab special on their eyelash extensions right now. A full set will set you back a mere R500!

I also got to meet a ‘twitter friend’ in the flesh, Woman & Home’s beauty ed Chereen Gibson.

Follow this lovely lass on twitter @ChereenGibson. She's sweet, funny and just as make-up mad as I am.

Oooh! And looky looky… here’s Dagmar Jungbauer of Modern Design Jewellery, the darling designer responsible for my beautiful bling.

Moi, showing off my sparklies and Dagmar with an expression that could mean 'Oh God, maybe this was a mistake...' ;-P

Naturally, Dagmar was dripping in fabulosity herself. Check out her lovely chandelier earrings…

Twinkle, twinkle...

District 9 star Vanessa Haywood was also out and about.

Dagmar, Vanessa and V's model friend who's name I didn't catch.

Vanessa’s just landed a contract to be the face of !QMS medicosmetics. (Must say, I’ve got a !QMS Freshening Tonic and its awesome. I’m sooo not a toner kinda girl, but it was gifted to me and has become a night time staple of mine. Love how it’s astringent enough to sweep away any spec of make-up or oil your cleanser might’ve missed, but leaves your skin feeling fresh and plump as opposed to ‘stripped’). Vanessa’s a bit of a Maybelline girl too – she loves their bestselling Great Lash mascara. ‘I’ve seen it in the make-up kits of make-up artists around the world’, she says.

Love V's shoes? They're Errol Arendz, daaarling... as is her zexy rokkie.

Another celebbie on the scene? eTV news presenter Tanya Nefdt.

Furniture designer Maria Santana and Tanya.

Tanya and I are lip gloss twins in that we’re both cray-cray for Estee Lauder’s new Pure Colour gloss. This eve, however, she was rocking a MAC Lustre lippie in Plumful.

Towards the end of the night, once my Cosmo kicked in, my ‘date’ and I (Eulogi Rheeder, MarieClaire’s feature ed), got on down to business of being fab with le fans that were used to blow the models’ hair back.

Blue Steel baby, yeah!

I know… I know… it’s so hard, going to all these parties and having to be classy and elegant and refined… but someone’s gotta do it…

Oooh! Now let me show you the best bit… the stuffed-to-the-brim goodie bags! (Nyhahahahah!) Look how spoiled we were:

Reeee! Guests were treated to a groot sak of Maybelline awesomeness. Will be trying everything out over the weekend and letting you know my thoughts...

And it got even better (or worse, if you’re my ass)…

Woop woop! See that bag of chocolate Alphabet biccies? By 11am today, I'd finished every last one! They're that good!

In all, this was a fun night out. A big hug to Taryn Fritz and Marina Nestle for putting it all together. 😉

PR queen Marina Nestel. And yes, her tan is real...

Love, love


x x

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