Modern Design Jewellery rocks my world

Did you all have an awesome weekend?

Mine started off v. glamorously with a rocking house party (everyone stripped off to their undies so as to swill champers in the jacuzzi), but soon devolved into utter hideousness when my brain started to throb from smoking an entire pack of ciggies while dronk  too much fun. I soon had to be carried off to a bed where I passed out under a pile of dirty laundry with Conner the world’s cutest doggie. Still, despite being the appoximate size of a loaf of bread, he snores like a bloody builder… 

The next day, I woke up with a head so sore I popped four Adco-dols in three hours and then had to think worrisome thoughs like ‘will Discovery Health pay for my stomach pump if it’s due to my sheer stupidity’…)

Anyhoo, things brightened up considerably later in the day as I got to pop on over to Dagmar Jungbauer, she of Modern Design Jewellery fabulousness, out in Tyger Valley. She got hold of me the other day and kindly offered to help jazz up some of my outfits for launches. 

Dagmar Jungbauer, jeweller to the stars.

 Look at her lovely things!

Stunning rings. To get a nice close-up, simply click on this pic.
Handmade earrings and more beautiful rings.

She’s also got some gorgeous clothes which she picks up in Hong Kong every three months…

Le rail o' fabulousness.
Love it!

…as well as great accessories like these belts.

The 'bow' ones are sooo Gossip Girl...

Dagmar started making jewellery as a hobby, but soon got hooked and it grew into her business which she’s had for four years now. She works with couturer Hendrik Vermuellen and together they’ve dolled up some big name SA celebs like model Minki van der Westhuizen and District 9 actress Vanessa Haywood as well as a string of beauty queens. 

Model Anita Olckers and Vanessa Haywood, who's rocking MDJ earrings, at this years Queen's Plate.

Despite all this fabulosity, her prices are very reasonable and, if you buy directly from her as opposed to all the boutiques she supplies, you’ll find her on par with YDE.

Trend-wise, Dagmar says big chandelier earrings, which have been in fashion for months now, are still very much in demand. ‘Big rings are also very in right now, as well as anything with lots of colour’, she says. ‘Purple has been huge!’

Speaking of huge, how awesome is this amazing Chanel-style watch?

Might have to come back for this baby...

Want to get your mitts on Dagmar’s beautiful bling? Simply pop into her office in Tyger Valley anytime between 9 and 5 during the week. To see her on a Satuday, you need to make an appointment. To see what I picked out for the uber-glam Maybelline party on Thursday, you’ll just have to wait. 😉

Dagmar, you lovely thing – thank you so much! I love my gorgeous goodies and can’t wait to show them off later this week! x x x

Love, love


x x

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