So I hit up a glam Peroni party at The Grand

This Friday, Peroni threw a partytie at The Grand. I’d heard so much about this fab little ‘faux beach’ venue and had been wanting to go check it out for ages. Alas, things didn’t get off to a good start. While trying to park my piece of crap Ford Fiesta, it up and died on me in a super inconvenient place. Thus, my ‘date’ Karisa and I did what we usually do when we find ourselves in a fix – find the cutest boy we can and bully him into helping us out ans this is how we met Dashing Dane.

Dane – thank you so much for pushing my carretjie for me. You’re a darling. x x x

Dramz resolved, we made our ‘grand’ debut. Look at how pretty the place is!

I’d arrived in stilletos but soon kicked them off to schmingle on the ‘beach’, ice cold Peroni in hand. After stalking the waiters who were carrying around trays of yummy Italian-inspired delights like this…

…I ran into my beloved Clayton Morar, an ex-PE peep like moi who’s now SA’s version of Perez Hilton. He’s the only dude I know who can dress like Noddy, but carry it off with panache.

Clay Clay tells me he’s v. excited about his upcoming appearance on Tropika Island of Treasure 3, a show about a motley crew of celebs battling it out on an island in Phuket for a cool million buckaroos. (Contestants include Tatum Keshwar and Khanyi Mbau). It starts on eTV on 6:30 on the 20th of Feb. He wouldn’t tell me who won, but apparently he does get quite far.

I also spotted the lovely Noluthando Meje.

Currently, you can catch her on Keeping it Real on SABC2 every Tuesday at 4:30.

I LOVE what she’d done with her hair.

Lindiwe Suttle was also there in an eye-catching pair of dangly Ida Elsje earrings. They’re tres pretty and I spotted her in them again the next day at the Queen’s Plate…

Pretty, pretty!

I also got to meet fellow blogger, Jasna Zellerhof, AKA Fashion Jazz.

Adore the bling-y necklace incorporated into her rokkie, a gorgeous A List once-off.

Ooh! And let’s not forget about three-times Men’s Health coverboy, Marc Buckner.

Hotness, right?

Ladies, please take note, this sexy Sagittarius isn’t just a pretty face. He’s also a keen property developer looking for a ‘mature, hot, passionate, sporty’ gal, making him the athletic cougar’s dream… I was about to flog Karisa off to him with a hard sell (‘Come on man, she’s THIRTY! That’s like two years older than you! And she’s, like, a total gym freak…’) when the fashion show started up.

Guests got treated to a string of beautiful people in fabulous clothes from the likes of Hendrik Vermeulen Couture, Fabiani and Fornarina.

Lisa Cowley oozing glamour in Hendrik Vermuelen. Her flash-looking earrings are by Modern Design Jewellery.

And lo and behold – we discovered that Dashing Dane, my karretjie pusher was one of the models. Thus, to show my appreciation, I ensured he was well-supported on the ramp by drunkenly enthusiastically screaming his name and whistling every time he stepped on out.

Dashing Dane – suddenly even more Dashing…

After the show, I caught up with Natalie Becker.

She’s got lots of projects on the go right now, but is most excited about her role in the British TV movie Atlantis: End of a World, Birth of a Legend.  If you’ve got DSTV, you can watch her on the BBC channel. She’s got a nice, juicy role as Ariad, the second female lead.

I then grabbed Sports Illustrated cover girl Roxy Ingram, who was one of the models, to chat to her about her hair. Take a look, she’s gone blonde!

Looking absolutely gorgeous on the lighter side of life.

I’ve only ever known Roxy as a brunette…

…but apparently she’s naturally blonde and got back to her roots six months ago. ‘I see Sean at The Best Hair Studio in Blouberg for a half head of highlights every few months’, she says. ‘He’s great’, she says.

Anyway, initial car drama aside, this was a seriously fab night out and The Grand gets a Lipglossgirl two thumbs up.

Love, love


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