Circus Freak New Year’s fun

This New Year’s eve, my mate Al decided to throw a big-ass house party with a Circus Freak theme. More than a hundred peeps rocked up, including a few gate crashers. (Luckily, we had a giant squid with a guest list working the door).

Naturally, I decided to go as a ring master. But of course! *Leigh flicks hair* (It was also ridiculously cheap to hire as I found the jacket in the kiddie’s section of the costume shop…) 

Hou jy van die seksie tiger tattoo op my nek?

I also broke out OPI’s Show it, Glow it – a glitter polish from their Burlesque collection. Tres apt, but I won’t be wearing it again. The next day, I had to rub each nail an average of 80 times with an extra-strength acetone soaked cotton pad to get it off. Jissus. It took me, like, more than ten minutes to come clean!

My darling boy was ‘Ronaldo the Strongman’, as he’s costume featured a giant ‘R’. However, he was christened ‘Retard Boy’ within seconds of his arrival. He proceeded to get hideously dronk and spent much of the party in the hot tub, eating ice cream with a string of gorgeous gay boys.  

Yes, I totally tap that. Love is blind.

Costume-wise, there were loads of note, but I was especially impressed with my gorgeous friend Charlene’s wood sprite get up.

Looking for Legolass...

Love it? Chica’s always been so talented and creative. (Just a few months back, for another costume party,  she painted her entire bod blue and climbed into a wedding rokkie to pull of a bride of Frankenstein look!) Apparently Charls was inspired by a make-up tutorial she found online. Reckon she looks even better than the girl who ‘taught’ her how to do it.

We also had a tattooed lady in the form of my mooi vroupel Cherise.

Oooh! And here’s one of my besties, Karisa, rocking a third eye…
Shouldn't that say 'I see drunk people'?
There was also had a ‘bouncy room’…


…buckets of champers… 

…and lots and lots of frozen strawberry daquiris. (These guys were the end of me…) 

Sean Oakes, Cape Town’s favourite son, was there too. (You gotta read his post on knowing your car gaurds. It’s funny).

I still have no freaken clue as to what he was supposed to be. Lady Gaga? Pirate Barbie? That one-eyed chick from Kill Bill? Either way, he looked v. mooi.

Patricia Lewis called, she wants her weave back...

Here’s wishing you all a truly fabulous New Year, filled with lots of glamour, fabulousness and fun!

Moi and the girls gettin' our (circus) freak on.

Love, love


x x

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