On-trend beauty tip courtesy of Andrew James, Lancome SA’s beauty guru

Popped into an interesting Camps Bay house party the other day. 

A bunch of millionaire dudes from Europe and the States are down for season and have rented a few ‘mansion huise‘ in the hills so as to throw fab private pool partyjies. I’ve always found these skops to be loads of fun – even when the 500-buck a bottle wine is served in paper cups. Also, I reckon it’s nice to have a man offer to buy you a new car as opposed to a drinky pooh. (Yes, really…) 

Clearly that Dermalogica facial was working for me, as I was also invited to move into one of the suites for the week, which was tres tempting, but then my darling boyf would have nobody to clip his toemails while he watches Dexter. 😉 

Anyhoo, I ran into the most divine boy while there – Andrew James, Lancome SA’s head make-up artist.

Still love that watch, you gorgeous thing! Did you ever get to Sapphire? x x x

Andrew’s top make-up tip? Apparently, in Europe, the current trend is to wear a lipstick and matching blush that are the complete opposite of your natural skin tone. For example, if you’re a cool-toned peep like moi, he suggests you try wearing a bright orange lippie and blush. ‘The key is to match up the blush – otherwise it won’t work’, he says.

I would’ve loved to have grilled him for more fabulousness (especially now that I’ve google-stalked him and realise just how big of a beauty guru he is), but I got distracted by an enormous tray of Ferrero Rocher’s that was being passed around…

Still, we’ve swapped deets and I’ll be sure to darken his door once more for more beauty juice.

Love, love


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