Enter people, enter!

Just got back from gym with my boy. Forced myself onto lots of horrid contraptions, but am most proud of my treadmilling. I klapped a rad 50 calories in a mere 6:15 mins! BOO-YAH! (Not feeling as bad about my weekend trysts with Peanut Blast anymore…) However, I’m still less than cheerful – a hot personal trainer who looked like a zexier version of Bryan Habana tried to pick me up, resulting in him telling me he ‘really liked older women…’

His guess at my age was an insulting THIRTY ONE! And that was him shaving off a few years after he caught the edge of the hysterical in my voice… (For the record, I’m an indignant 29… And used to being told I look like student. Sometimes a foetus even! Huff.. huff… )

So before I head off to curl up into a ball and do that rocking-crying thing in the shower, I just want to take a minute to take my rage out on all of you and give you a good lambasting: 

I see I’ve had a whopping 272 views today.  Two hundred and seventy two! Yes, yes… that’s, like, totally awesome… BUT ONLY SIXTEEN OF YOU ENTERED MY L’ORMARINS COMP! And I KNOW half of you!

What’s WRONG with you people?! Don’t you want free booze and fabulousness?!! (Leigh shakes her head…)

I’m now going to make it uber-easy for you. Just send a mail to lipglosscomp@webmail.co.za and stick Dior Addict in the heading. (Yep, that’s what Louise likes to wear). That’s all it takes to stand a chance to win double tickets to the LQP and a fat case of L’Ormarins vino. I know you want it, now get mailing… lazy gits…

Love, love 


x x

P.S. Don’t waste your time with Unstoppable, the runaway train flick. I watched it last night and found it completely and utterly meh, which is terribly sad considering it got such rave reviews and features my beautiful Denzel. (I love that man so much I’d PVR an infomercial for anti-fungal foot cream if I knew he was in it, but even he couldn’t save it from, quite literally, being a trainwreck…)

x x x

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