Peanut Blast ice cream

This is another one of those occasional posts that has zero to do with beauty or fabulosity. In fact, it could well cause your demise into ‘I have to buy two tickets when I fly’ hideousness. Or at least see you investing in those horrendous tummy control undies… So, if you think you’ve got a ‘nice enough personality’ to be okay with that, I give unto you the evil that is currently destroying any plans I had to Eat for Abs this summer – Woolies Peanut Blast ice cream!
Send me a postcard from Fat Camp, bee-yotch!

Just the other day le art peeps at work had to shoot a whole bunch of Woolies’ ice cream as they’d gotten new flava flavs and vamped up their packaging. (It was actually quite stressful as it kept melting under the hot studio lights…) Still, once they got their shot, they had loads left over which they divvied up and took on home. Thus, the next day, they all came in wild eyed and crazy-like, each and every one of them enraptured by the madness of Peanut Blast.

Still, I just couldn’t understand their frenzy. I mean, it sounds good and all – peanut butter-flavoured ice cream swirled with chocolate syrup and nuts. But it’s not thaaat exciting, now is it? In fact, it sounds a bit like that McFlurry shizz Micky D throws together. And it becomes even more dull when you hold it up against the store’s other offerings… delish-sounding goodies like Chocolate Brownie or Honeycomb Crunch… It couldn’t be all that awesome, right?  

But boy was I wrong! So wrong, in fact, that I’m now going through a tub (on my own) every weekend and am now considering eating it in the week in place of regular meals, using lame-o justifications like ‘aaww, but life’s just too short’ and ‘well, I do have low blood sugar…’


Go get this ice cream peeps! You won’t regret it. (Can’t say the same about your ass, however…) But at least I’ll have a few mates to hang out with in Weigh-Less! 😉

(Big) love,


x x

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