Y’ello summer!

Bwhahaha! Just had the best laugh ever…

Flipped open the new Fairlady (Dec 2010) and was met by the cheesiest custard ad ever – featuring my hottie-schmodel-friend Stephen Friedman. (He was one of Cosmo’s Sexiest Men last year and now busy working on his new show, Blue Print Travel, due out next year…)

How bad is this ad?

Oooh baby - gimme Moir... ;-P

He looks like a naughty teen that’s been caught late at night doing something bad – getting on down with a big ole’ pot o’ custard. Oooooh – sooo tempting… sooo rebelious… sooo naughty!

I don’t know about you ladies, but whenever I spot the custard at my local Spar, all these impure thoughts start running through my mind and I immediately start to think of all the ‘bad girl’ things I could do with it. ‘Cos, you know, custard makes me crazy like that…

Can only just IMAGINE the creative rationale that got this baby off the ground… (Ad man 1: I know, let’s make custard SEXY!)

Ladies – this is what Steve-o looks like when he’s not whoring himself our for custard.

Steve-o: Model. Surfer. Custard Fiend.

Nice, ne?

Alas, he is taken. Which is a crying shame ‘cos I’m making malva pudding tonight and was hoping he’d come on over…

Hee hee!

Off to call him so I can take the piss…


2 thoughts on “Y’ello summer!

    1. She is! He sent me a link to show me piccies of her the other day. Girl looks like a mash up Meagan Fox, Gina Athans and Cleopatra. And apparently she’s ‘beautiful on the inside’ too… (Lets all vomit at once now…) 😉

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