Clarins Beauty Flash Balm saves the day!

OMG – I’m hanging like a donkey right now.Last night’s lovely bubbles and CHIVAS really got me good.Luckily, nobody at my office would ever guess about my wild night of boozing and schmoozing thanks to my ‘Morning After’ skin care routine. And ‘cos sharing’s caring, I’m more than happy to fill you in:

After re-hydrating my skin with a little L’Oreal Hydrafresh creme gel. (They’ve discontinued it in this country, Lord know’s why, so I always pick it up in duty free…), I smoothed on a bit of Clarins Eye Contour Gel around my eyes – it’s my absolute favourite depuffer. I then slapped on another of my staples, Clarins Beauty Flash Balm.

Did you know I turned the big 3-0 this year? Yesirree, I've been helping you save face for yonks now...

I love BFB! It’s active ingredient is rice starch, so when the product dries on your face, it pulls it nice and toit, giving you a more ‘lifted’, not so ‘hey, hey, I’m on death’s door’ type of appearance.

To finish up, I applied my most rosy pink blush, MAC Sweetness, and used my fingertips to press a bit of shimmery, off-white eye shadow into the inner corner of each eyelid. This helps brighten up your eyes and makes you look more awake and alert. (I.e. not about to pass out on your keyboard…)

So, I might feel like my head’s going to crack open and spray blood everywhere, but I look as fresh as a daisy and am glowing with faux natural-looking radiance.

Later girls,


P.S. Hot handyman Aidan Bennetts just dropped me an e-mail! The poor boy is smitten and is begging to build me a walk in shoe closet a la Sex & the City… from scratch… with his bare hands… (okay, that’s a total lie… he just wanted to say he likes my blog… ) But he DID call me ‘darling’ and sign it off saying ‘Your Jason Statham look alike’. (Squeeeeeaaalll!)

I’m now off to knock back an Adco-dol with a Grandpa chaser and SMS my boyfriend to find out why HE doesn’t own a big fat tool kit and build houses from the ground up…

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