Estee Lauder’s new foundations for darker skin tones

How dull is the title of this new entry? That’s because it’s worded for SEO – search engine optimisation. (Leigh smiles and winks…) See how clever I’m getting at this blogging thing?

I’ve just nicked the new Elle (Nov 2010) off my boss’ desk and see it includes not one, but THREE samples of Estee Lauder Doublewear foundation.Β They’re being given away to promote the fact that Lauder now offer a wider range of darker shades, hence they hues are deeply delicious: Warm Ginger, Truffle and Rich Ginger.Β 

Estee Lauder Doublewear foundation - now dark and delicious.

Must say, I’m disappointed that none of the shades match moi – le pale face – but it’s made me think how miffed all my friends of colour must feel when every second mag they open touts a foundation sample called ‘Cool beige’…Β 

If you manage to meet your match, feel good knowing that Estee Lauder plans to donate ten bucks from every bottle sold in the months of July, October and and Feb to Foundation for the Nation, a fund that helps educate previously disadvantaged women.


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