The lady is a vamp. But not in a good way…

Get a load of Taylor Momsen’s ‘Death don’t Become her’ look. This is how she rocked up MTV’s EMA’s over the weekend.  

I vant to suck your blood, yo!


I just want to hold the girl down and attack her face with one of my fave J&J lavender scented baby wipes. Hasn’t she ever heard the whole ‘only enhance your eyes or your lips – never both’ rule? She looks the corpse o’ freakin’ Rapunzel. 

(Leigh slams head into hands… sighs…) 

What do you think of  The Pretty Kak Reckless singer’s look? Is she an attention-seeking wannabe Twilight extra (in desp need of a little Clinique Take the Day Off)… or is she onto a hot new look we just don’t know about?


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Editor of South African beauty blog Lipgloss is my Life.

2 thoughts on “The lady is a vamp. But not in a good way…

  1. attention seeker, sorry but it’s true.She cares only to shock people not about the music, if she did she wouldn’t be walking around trying to be courtney-wots-er-face,oh the plight of young hollywood songstresses. May the universe be on my side and i make it…I just hope i never end up this nutty.

  2. I like her makeup. I think she is hot and someone who doesn’t give a fuck what anyone else thinks. Take a leaf out of her book.

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