Crabtree & Evelyn score

Does anyone out there love Crabtree & Evelyn as much as I do? I’m particularly obsessed with their new Heritage soap collection. I reckon the Vetiver and Juniperberry variant, R100,00, smells just like the scent they pump into the air at the One&Only hotel. (Yip, the hotel has it’s own signature fragrance. Can you handle it? They have a special name for it, but my friends and I refer to it as Hot Sexy Man…)

I also adore their Gardeners Hand Therapy hand cream. A total Shea butter fiesta, it’s so luxurious and soft, using it feels like you’re applying liquid cashmere gloves. And the fact that it comes in a cute metal tube just gives it an extra chic, oh so vintage feel. 

Naturally, my credit card was totally dunzo when I spotted this gorgeous little Hand Therapy three-pack, R320,00. That works out to 106 buckaroos per cream! Bask in it’s fabulosity:

Three times the awesomeness!

I bought it planning to give it to a friend for her birthday, but now I’m tempted to keep it all for myself. Or perhaps even split it up and add each cream to a little something else so that I get three gifts out of one. (I’ve been living in Cape Town for more than ten years, but the budget-lovin’ Oos Kaap se meisie in me will never say die…) 

Oh what to do… I’m particularly tempted by meneer La Source. He boasts a ‘relaxing sea air’ fragrance and Liz Hurley is a seriyas fan. If you’re anywhere near a Crabtree & Evelyn store, pop in and check it out.


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One thought on “Crabtree & Evelyn score

  1. Yes, yes, yes! I am totally hooked on Gardener’s Hand Therapy too. Nothing leaves my hands as smooth and pampered and it smells divine too. Will have to check out this La Source too x

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