HQ restaurant’s Fine Wining is back: A 4-course meal paired with wine for just R295

Being a regte Deal Queen, I’m a biiig fan of HQ restaurant in Cape Town. Their 2-for-1 Monday special is still one of the best in town. While that’s still going strong, they’ve added to their great value specials repertoire with Fine Wining.

To explain, HQ have set up a bunch of dates on which they’ll team up with a wine farm to pair their vino to a starter, salad, steak and dessert. That’s a four course meal and four glasses of booze for R295 a pop! You can also expect spot prizes and live entertainment by local crooner Ricky Botsis.

Cheers! We just got a rad meal that didn’t put us in more debt than Eskom.

I recently attended the first Fine Wining event, a colab with Haute Cabriere and it was awesome. Especially since two allergy bunnies at my table didn’t eat the pistachio and Turkish Delight ice cream aspect of their dessert and I’m the disgusting hobo that’ll happily help you clean your plate.

If you missed that, sorry for you, but you can always attend one of the future events and I’ve got the dates you can stick in your diary.

Spot any faves?

If you’re looking for a delicious night out with a relaxed yet vibey* atmosphere that won’t shred your wallet, HQ’s Fine Wining is a brilliant choice.

Love, love


*Can you still say ‘vibey’ and not sound like an old person who uses ‘funky’ when they’re trying to communicate that something is cool? Did I just embarrass myself there? Do we still have vibey or has that word been cancelled? Help!

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