Cape Town’s got a classy new night club called TAU in De Waterkant

I don’t really go to the opening’s of night clubs these days. I did too much of that back in the day and now that I’m old and gross I like to spend my Friday’s eating out with friends or, better yet, watching crap on my laptop in bed. Still, I had to go check out TAU in Napier Street, De Waterkant as I was invited by my friend Peter, the PR, and I owe him a solid after I stuffed him around, asking for MCQP tickets and then being unable to attend as I’d forgotten I had a wedding to go to. (Sorry Peter! Love you Peter!)

Come on in!

So, off to TAU I went and, as it turns out, I had a total jol. The place has a seriously classy feel to it, the staff are super-duper friendly and welcoming and it’s got a very fancy set up in terms of lighting. I have no idea what you’d call it, but the ceiling of the dance floor boasts a bunch of LED tubes that change colour and move around.


While TAU is next to Crew Bar, Cape Town’s infamous gay bar, you should know that TAU isn’t a gay club, so if you’re a lady looking to hook up with a boy who’s totes into vajay, you’ll be in the right place. Then, when you realise that most straight men in Cape Town are complete assholes you can move on over to Crew Bar and live it up with much hotter-looking men who’ll never be the reason you’re ugly crying in an Uber at 3AM.

The lights in this area change colour. You should see it when it’s aquamarine.

According to Candice Heyns, a former DJ and the club’s ‘artistic director’ (fancy!), TAU will be all about disco, house and techno on Fridays and Saturday’s will be all about constantly changing collabs and themes.

To keep up to date with events visit TAU’s Facebook page. Tonight’s going to be quite a biggie as UK DJ Dave Clarke, ‘The Baron of Techno’ is playing.

Love, love


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