Ackermans new store in Canal Walk is now open and they’ve expanded their beauty offering

I recently joined Ackermans for a media day to celebrate the opening of their new Canal Walk store and it was a jol. To start, we met in the store, which is enormous, and got handed gift cards to shop, something I do very well.

Cuteness! And for just R60? Are you kidding me?

I thought these guys were rather mooi too.

These will look great with dresses or white jeans. I think they were less than R250.

They’ve also got a nice selection of make-up and toiletry bags that I can never have enough of.

I regret not snapping up this guy but will be going back.

Every now and again I’ll find a cute accessory in stores but I think it’s Ackermans kids department that really shines.

If this was in my size I’d totally have bought it. Like for real.

They’ve actually got a lot of cool ‘character’ branded clothing right now. Think Barbie, Hello Kitty and Spiderman.

Adorable, right?

I also liked these guys…


…and this!

Glitter bunny cap for the win!

Anyway, I’ll stop with the kids stuff or we’ll be here all day. Let’s move on to the fact that Ackermans has recently started selling beauty goodies and their brands include their own make-up collection…

Cheap, cheap!

…as well as big brands like NIVEA and Johnson & Johnson.

I’m still wondering how much that nail polish remover was.

They’ve also got their own line up of perfumes that smell like big name brands and I think they’re going to do very well.

I won’t tell if you don’t!

After that quick bout of retail therapy we moved on to the Century City Hotel. I’d never been there before and was super surprised by how gorgeous it. Better yet, the hotel’s restaurant, The Square Cafe & Wine Bar, served up the most delicious food! I’m kind of obsessed with Caesar salad and theirs was an absolute winner.

Yes please!

As far as the main went, a chargrilled Chalmar sirloin steak served with thick cut (yet crispy) chips, this might have been one of the nicest I’ve had in months. I don’t know what they do to their meat but the sirloin was super tasty and tender. I shamelessly took my leftovers home in a doggie bag (the portion was big!) and generously gave my house mate a taste and she couldn’t believe it wasn’t fillet!

Just looking at this pic is making my mouth water.

I’ve spoken to other peeps about the hotel since and they’ve also all raved about the food. The general consensus is that it’s a bit of a hidden gem that few people know about. Either that definitely won’t be the last they see of me.

Nice one Ackermans, this was a fun day out!

Love, love


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