So I’ve got myself a Lego ‘Lipglossgirl’ thanks to

A little while back a company called Mini-Me got in touch offering to help me create a li’l Lego version of myself so I took them up on it.

Creating a teensy Lipglossgirl turned out to be super duper easy. All I had to do was visit their site and pick out my bits – my hair, head, torso, legs and an accessory (lipstick, duh) specifically. As they have a wide variety of pieces to choose from the process was a simple one. The only thing I battled to find was a suitable girly torso as all the majority of outfits presented were pastel or frilly which isn’t really my thing. I did find a black leather jacket, however, in the men’s department so I went with that. I’ve basically spent this entire winter living in one.

Once I’d checked out my cart, my mini me arrived, fully assembled, within two days via courier in its own little tupperware box and branded gift bag.

Ta da!

So, what do you guys think? Did they nail it?

Here I am wearing similar clothes but I’ve swapped out my torso-sized lippie for a coffee.

I plakked a piccie of my little doppelganger on Facebook the other day to find out if my friends could see the resemblance. One of my best/worst friends, Matt, commented that they got the ankles spot on (!), some thought my make-up was a tad tragic for a beauty blogger and most thought my lipstick looked more like a light sabre at best and a dildo at worst. Still, everyone could agree one thing – the ability to ‘Lego yourself’ is pretty freakin’ cool!

Still, the one person who’s probably enjoying my Lego moment the most is my little sister who had a field day with it, mostly due to the fact that she’s often teased about looking like a certain someone who, if you’re a 90s kid, will be very familiar with.

Can you tell why this woman exists on my phone as ‘Bitch Face’?

Anyway, dubious lippie aside, I love my Mini-Me to bits. It’s a super fun and thoughtful gift that isn’t going to bankrupt you. (Li’l Lipglossgirl ‘cos just R105 excluding shipping!)

Thanks Mini-Me! Life is most definitely fantastic when it’s plastic.

Love, love


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