Smashed up your cell phone? I’m giving away an iDevice screen fix with Platinum Repairs worth R3 100!

Is there anything more kak than knocking your phone off the table only to have its screen smash into a thousand smithereens? It’s happened to me – more than once – so I know this pain well.

Fortunately, you can repair it and in a way that isn’t crazy inconvenient thanks to Platinum Repairs. They’re iPhone and iPad repair specialists based in Rivonia who literally pop into your home or office (if you’re in Jozi or Pretoria) and fix it on the spot. iPhone’s typically take just 30 minutes to fix and iPads are about 45 so you can sort it out on your lunch break. They’re literally the only on site iDevice repair peeps in the country.

Don’t live in Jozi? Not a problem! They’ll send a courier to collect your smashed up li’l darling and fix it at their offices and then send it back to you good as new. And they cover the cost of the courier both ways! And don’t worry, your phone will be in good hands. Platinum Repairs have been in the iDevice fixing biz since 2008 and have worked with all the biggies (think ABSA and Discovery) as well as the country’s leading insurance providers.

Currently, Platinum offer repairs to all models of iPhones and iPads. They also offer three different repair options – budget with a quality screen that serves up a three-month warranty, premium which gives you a 12 month warranty and the big kahuna they refer to as The Real Deal. The latter has a lifetime warranty (oh yes!) and you get an original quality LCD screen. The price varies by device but to give you an example, fixing the screen of an iPhone 6 is just R1 499 on budget, R1 899 on premium and R2 499 on the The Real Deal options. All of these options include the free courier service or call out if you’re in Jozi.

Now, for the very good news… Platinum Repairs have kindly given me a screen fix to give away to the value of R3100 to a lucky reader! You don’t even have to have a broken phone to want this lustable prize. You can bank it with them for up to 12 months, giving you a year to live la vida loca like a reckless, devil-may-care honey badger. (Ice skating with my phone in my hand? I’m in!)honey-badger-dont-care

Entering is easy! Simply leave a comment below telling me how you managed to once destroy your poor phone or iPad, be it via a screen crack or worse. (We’ve all done it!) Alternatively you can enter via twitter. Just hit me up with ‘Hey @lipglossgirl! I’d love to win a iDevice screen repair with Platinum Repairs’ and be sure to include the link to this post.

This competition closes at 5pm on Wednesday 22 March and is open to South African residents only.

Good luck guys!

Love, love


This competition is now closed. A big congrats to winner Robyn Pughe-Parry. 

26 thoughts on “Smashed up your cell phone? I’m giving away an iDevice screen fix with Platinum Repairs worth R3 100!

  1. Dearest Leigh,

    Let me just say that my IPhone 6 is my baby and my tool to my prospective blogging empire. I used the Notes function to type out ideas and even write poetry so my phone was literally an extension of me!! I used to love to add extra bling and make my phone stand out. That was until an incident that left me in a state of despair! My hubby and I were going out for dinner at a snazzy restaurant in the waterfront and as I stepped out of the car( blame those wedge boots😡), I toppled over and landed on my beloved iPhone! Even though I fractured my ankle and had to cut my holiday short, I was more devastated over my phone. Even though there was a screen protector (cheap ones don’t work), my baby was shattered literally! The LCD screen is looking nasty with two huge hairline cracks and pieces of the screen are chipping off slowly! I have now resorted to having a nasty old pink cover that belongs to my daughter. I no longer possess the excitement of the time when my IPhone was my BFF and confidant. After hearing horror stories about LCD screen replacements, I still use my cracked phone today but all that changed when I came across your post on Facebook! I thought to myself that finally my phone can get a total rehab! I can get the full pleasure out of my phone once again and not struggle to decipher what’s on the screen. So please wave that magical wand and grant this techno diva her wish of overhauling her iPhone?

    P.S Tweeted too(@anishasingh007)

  2. Hey hey 🙂

    I smashed my iPhone 6+ on an awful Saturday in February. Truthfully I had had too many G&Ts, got into a fight with my best friend in the whole world and stormed off in a rit of ridiculous rage. Sometime between then and arriving home I annihilated my poor phone 😦

    It even had a protective glass cover on it!

    Winning this would mean everything to me – not least that I could forget that awful Saturday in February.

    Holding thumbs!


  3. Hi Leigh!

    My husband and I went away with some friends and while he was helping our friend open up the house by rolling up security blinds, he handed me his phone and I placed it on the banister/railing of the balcony. Unfortunately I then knocked it over and his phone fell and landed face down on the sand in the bush but it smashed the screen completely, so he can’t use it. I felt terrible 😦


  4. Sometimes when i sit down and my phone will be next to me and i forgot and next mintue when i wake up it falls🙈 also sometimes when i am holding it i drop it lol by mistake.

    Twitter is : @stylepretty2

  5. I dropped my phone over the toilet—attempted to hit hero status by saving it from the water (and almost certain death) by using my foot; which resulted in me kicking it into the wall, breaking the screen and ripping my chinos all the way up the crotch in the process. FAIL!!!

  6. Dear Leigh,

    The other day whilst rushing to an important meeting, I managed to knock my phone off my desk onto a CARPET. After picking it up, I realized that the short fall onto a soft surface had caused my whole screen to literally smash into a million pieces. I’ve got bits of glass coming off and the text on the screen is barely legible. It looks like something that has been run over by a truck.

    Please please help me repair my iPhone, its something I need to use on daily basis and I’d love to take calls again without scratching my face (really not a fun experience).

    Ps. Your blog is awesome, and I’ve entered on twitter 🙂 @AimeeIlona

    Aimee x

  7. Hi Leigh

    My excuse is nothing fancy! I really really wanted an Iphone 6 and being on prepaid I dont have the luxury of a new phone every two years, best option I had was to buy a second handone for a refuced price due to crack in screen 🙈. Still works 100% just slightly irritating 😂

  8. I smashed my screen trying to take a photo of my crush at a party. Not smooth, at all.

    Cracked phone, broken heart. Haha.

  9. Leigh, here is my sad tale of how I managed to destroy my poor iPhone 5 – I was busy having a very meaningful chat with a friend on WhatsApp. I kept putting off going to the loo because I was too excited about our conversation that I did not want to put my phone down, so eventually I could not keep it in any longer and flew up from the couch to run to the loo and then my phone flung out of my hands, slid over the floor and when I picked it up, my screen was cracked. 😦 I have been using it like this for months, but now my battery is giving problems as well as my ear speaker. I would love to repair my iDevice with Platinum Repairs and have it restored.

  10. Hi Leigh!

    I have dropped my phone many, many times from nights out to a casual Sunday promenade stroll. It has clung on to dear life and although it is super old (Huawei P6 – I can no longer even buy a cover for it – it is that old!) it has survived my abuse until recently, when I was digging for my lipgloss in my handbag and out it fell, flat on its face. Needless to say, the poor guy is still functioning, but I can barely see the screen. It may be time to finally get a new phone and say goodbye, but because my Huawei has stood with me through all these years and many falls, I feel I owe it to him to fix him. This would be an awesome prize for my Huawei!

    Fingers crossed! 🙂

  11. I dropped my precious iPhone 6S in a hospital parking lot 4 months ago. My screen smashed royally and I’ve been trying to read texts on my awkward phone ever since.

  12. I happened to be at an event called Wine Not… walked a little boozily back to the Uber and dropped my iPhone on the road and it smashed the tempered glass as well as the real glass. No amount of wine could make me forget that pain. My phone looked even worse than my hangover and loser complex felt the next morning.

  13. Thanks to my tantrum throwing three year old ( and sometimes her dad) my tablet is now shattered and needs some tlc.

  14. Ah, iPhone destruction. I tend to take tons of pictures, always have my phone in my hand, and sometimes it just goes flying … the other day it fell off a table on to a hard tile floor. Bye bye screen.

  15. Ok, so this is actually a ridic story but it’s true, I have witnesses.
    We went to dinner at a friend down the road and possibly had too much rooi vino with her delish Dutch “Stampot” (ask Ivonnie to make this for you,- drool worthy).
    It was getting late on a week night so we packed it in only to find that the South Easter had yanked an electric cable loose directly above our car and was now swishing around our little Golfie with sparks flying. House keys were in the cubby so we were forced to stay over. We stole our hostesses king size bed and made her sleep on a camping mat.
    Almost dozed off and snoring and we hear “BAAAM”. The bedside lamp had basically jumped into Jörgs 3 day old iPhone 7 and destroyed the screen in the most epic of ways. Lexi swears it was Phillip playing pranks from the after life seeing as it was also his birthday. Totally nuts…and the hangover was nasty.

  16. I went to visit my bestie and popped my precious iPhone on the roof while I packed my 1 year old and a thousand things we needed for our half hour outing at ….just down the road.
    I felt like I had won! So organized I am, off we go!

    Arrive! Boom!!!! My phone flies off the roof and nose dives onto my besties drive way!
    Well my dear phone was an absolute trooper! It survived a whole few blocks sitting just tanning on the roof. ( yes I suppose I am an advanced driver)
    Just a few scratches and cracks, but still works!
    After enduring such a wild ride through the streets of kenilworth and lynfrae…I think my special phone deserves a bit of Tlc! so hey @lipglossgirl and @Platinum Repairs please fix my flawed phone! He’s been through a lot…

    1. Congrats Robyn! You’ve just won a screen fix from Platinum Repairs. I’ll mail you shortly to get your deets. Here’s to a phone that’s as good as new!

  17. Hey Leigh

    Well i smashed my screen one evening washing my car. I put the phone down on the car in front of me and not hearing it ring in vibrated and fell off the car. Well when i looked for my phone my daughter said she broke my cause it is not working anymore. So i guess it was my fault but hey. Broken is broken. I could really do with the screen fixing. Really.

    Grant Botha

  18. Hi Leigh

    My name is Wwerner and i have a cracked screen.
    My story is both tragic and humorous. Last week I left the Pixies concert at Kirstenbosch in a state of pure happiness. Walking toward the road I took out my phone to request an Uber. By this time it was completely dark and I never even saw the meter deep concrete ditch running parallel to the road. With phone in hand I walked directly into the ditch, the only sounds more horrible than my knee crunching into the the concrete was the sharp crack of screen on rock.
    To hide my shame I’ve down loaded a photo of the Futerama spaceship crashing into a cracked screen but its not the same.

    iDevice, please fix my broken screen!

  19. I have a confession make. I dropped my boyfriends iPhone 6S when we were on holiday in January. Admittedly, the screen already had a few cracks on it and I wasn’t sure whether my dropping it had really made it noticeably worse. We had a night of braaing and drinking but the next day he exclaimed with horror when he saw the new cracks on the screen and thought he had done it the night before. I’ve never told him it was me and he’s still using the same phone! I would love to win this so I can get his phone fixed.

  20. I never go out…and I also especially never go out and get drunk…until one year end gym function and this mom of 3 kind of went off the rails at the prospect of not having any kid responsibilities for the night….lol. My poor phone got smashed into an oblivion when I insisted on walking a friend to their car…..maybe it was more of a crawl rather than a walk…lol. I don’t own an iPhone, but my husband does and he is always smashing his screen…so I’d love to win this to bank for him 🙂

  21. My baby threw my phone In 2015 when she was a year old and a few months after her birthday. It was one of those days baby was throwing tantrums and she took it literal and smashed my phone against the wall😢😢. I was soo angry but sadly there was nothing i could do at that point, the screen is shattered and half of it can’t touch. It was a gift to me and I can’t afford to fix it and I still love my phone, so I keep charging It in hope it doesn’t die on me😢😢 and an iPhone 5.

  22. Hi Leigh

    My iPhone7 is only 3 days old…..and a man mugged me at an FNB ATM yesterday, knocked my phone out of my hand, and cracked it completely!

    Less iPhone, Less Bank Card, Less R2800.

    Obviously I need this!


    Natali Wolhuter

  23. My broken phone saga is kinda like a game of baseball – three strikes and you’re out. Or in my case: Three phone falls and it’s over.

    Strike 1: So, first my iPhone fell out of my hand as I was climbing out of the car onto a solid concrete ground that gave it the first crack. It was still okay though, the screen guard managed to save it, and it was still usable, despite the crack.

    Strike 2: The 4 year old I look after was playing Angry Birds on my phone, and something was working in his favor. He completely lost it, shouted a profanity, and threw the phone across the room. It first crack now turned into a shatter, but the screen guard managed to save it and it was still working.

    Strike 3: I was in the process of dumping my ex boyfriend, my phone on the kitchen counter, we were shouting at each other, I obviously hit some nerves because I was breaking the whole thing off, and he took my phone, slid it across the kitchen counter, solidly it hit the ground and now looks like the image I tweeted you. Strike 3 and it’s done. Broken.

    I’m using a loner phone but omg to win this and fix my phone would obviously be flippen insane!

  24. I had my iphone5’s screen fixed last year by someone that made me pay for an original screen.

    The screen keeps on freezing, sending random whatsapps and calls, I don’t have money to change screen again😢

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