Beauty bits and pieces: Apostrophe artisanal soap, Avene Cleanance SPF 30 and Pedi Relax foot cream

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Handmade in Durbs, Apostrophe’s 100% vegan soaps make use of plant based oils and are free of preservatives, so best you use them up in two months. They’re also made the old-fashioned way – using a ‘cold process’ – so, because nothing’s heated up or boiled, any beneficial natural ingredients used will retain their properties. Other plus points of a cold process? The bar’s are generally creamier-feeling and, because the soap is cured for four weeks, their lovely scent intensifies.

I was given two bars to try – Marble Dreams and La La Lavender (R50 each).

Pretty pretty!
Marble Dreams makes use of pure lemongrass oil so its fresh and uplifting and La La Lavender contains pure lavender oil making it a relaxing treat.

I’ve always liked both lavender and lemongrass so it was hard to pick a favourite but Marble Dreams (the lemongrass variant) has a slightly stronger scent so it wins by a nose. I liked that both of the soaps made a lovely lather that felt luxuriously creamy on my skin. Also, thanks to their pretty packaging and super reasonable price point, I reckon they’d make a great gift for when you need something luxe but inexpensive, like to thank someone for having you over for dinner or letting you crash on their couch.

Want? You can buy them online here as well as via online organic shop Faithful-To-Nature. (I’m a huge fan of this store by the way. Their inventory is huge, their price points are great and their service level is hundreds.)

Moving on, let’s talk sun protection. I’m always on the look out for lightweight sunscreens with high sun protection factors and French thermal water skincare brand Avene make some nice ones so I was very happy to receive Eau Thermale Avene Cleanance SPF 30 for acne prone skin (R229,95).

Avene Cleanance
Be careful of other reviews you read about this online. This has since been reformulated. There’s no white caste or stickiness, I promise.

Aside from the SPF and soothing spring water, its formula includes antioxidant vitamin E and mattifiers to give skin a shine-free finish with no white, masky-looking cast. It also makes use of something called glyceryl laurate that’s got oil-regulating and antibacterial properties.

I’ve worn it a few times now and like that it smoothes on easily, absorbs fast and yep, it does leave your skin looking matte but isn’t tight or drying in the least. It’s also not sticky and that’s a big yay for me. I really can’t stand sticky sunscreen!

Moving on, let’s talk about one of the nicest foot creams I’ve come across in ages. Meet Pedi Relax moisturising cream for dry feet (R85, Dis-Chem).

New bestie alert!
New bestie alert!

This dude’s a winner! Aside from smelling utterly delish thanks to sweet orange oil, it’s chocful of AHA, in this case glycolic acid. This means it won’t just moisturise your feet but will exfoliate them too. So many people think treating dry feet is just a case of having to hydrate them but feet really need a keralytic, something that will help soften and ‘peel’ away the dryness. This is why you’ll often find urea in foot treatments (it hydrates and peels) but AHA is a top pick too.

I haven’t just been using this on my feet at night and like that it’s not sticky, oily or heavy-feeling. I’ve also been putting it on dry bits like my knees and elbows. It’s also come in handy with self-tan removal. Every now and again I’ll end up a little too dark on the dry skin around my ankles and then find slapping this on pretty useful ‘cos then, the next day, I can exfoliate the area manually and the excess colour comes off way easier than it would’ve without the treatment.

Love, love


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