The Body Shop’s got this Christmas’ gifting, especially stocking fillers, all wrapped up

It felt like Christmas morning the other day when a big box containing a selection of The Body Shop’s Christmas gifting selection arrived and I thought I’d share the joy in a last-minute bid to make Santa’s ‘nice’ list.

First up, if you’re a fan of all three of The Body Shop’s new limited edition Christmas variants but can’t decide which you love best or know someone in the same boat then these are the dudes you’ll want to know about…

The Body Shop body butter trio (PRICE).
The Body Shop Seasonal Trio body butter gift (R180).

…along with these guys –

The Body Shop hand cream (PRICE).
The Body Shop Seasonal Trio hand gift (R180).

If, however, you’re in a committed relationship with one of the variants – Frosted Berry, Spiced Apple or Vanilla Chai – then you can shoot for the big kahuna – a big ole’ apple-shaped bauble called Classic Picks (R300), available in each of the three limited edition lines.

Hola big apple!
Hola big apple!

Keen to see what’s inside?

Merry merry
You’re looking at four minis – a shower gel, body butter, scrub and body gel-lotion.

The scrub is lovely stuff in that it’s got a good granule to ‘liquid’ ratio so it’ll do a good job of sloughing off dead skin and, even though it’s got oil in the mix, it doesn’t leave you feeling like an oil slick. (That’s a pet hate of mine by the way. I’ve been known to shower with Sunlight dish soap after using certain scrubs in a bid to get rid of the oil they’ve left on my skin!)

Moving on, it’s time to say ‘hey’ to the Santa sponge set (R150)…

I hope you've been good, li'l girl...
Meisiekind, you’d better have been good this year!

If you managed to make it into Santa’s good books you’ll find he’s happy to open up and reveal that not only is he a bath sponge, but he’s got two fruitalicious shower gels with your name on it.

Satuma on the left and strawberry on the right.
Mango on the left and Strawberry on the right.

I’m not really a sponge person but I’m glad to have Meneer Claus in my possession as I know he’s going to go down well with my doggies as a festive chew toy. This probably isn’t what The Body Shop had in mind while creating their sunny-wearing Santa but hey, I love shower gel and my doggies love to rip stuff up so this is a win-win if you’re me.

Keen to see more?

Soft Hands Warm Kisses duo (R120) contains a hand cream and a lip butter and is available in several of The Body Shop’s lines.

Last, but not least we’ve got these cute li’l Christmas cubes (R120 each).

See that string coming out the box?
See that string coming out the box?

It’s attached to a bath lily nestling with a mini body lotion and shower gel.

This is the Green Tea
This is the Fuji Green Tea variant. You’ll be glad to know its available in several of your favourite ‘flavours’.

See anything you’d like to stick under the tree this Christmas? This is a mere smattering of what’s available right now so to view the full collection its best you step into your nearest store. The Body Shop is also running a great promo right now, right up until the 24th, that sees you buying any 3 products but only paying for 2 with the cheapest being free. Niiiice!

Love, love


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