I’m loving my Fitbit Charge 2 and have a Fitbit Alta that you could win!

We all know I’m a big Fitbit fan. You can read all about my experience with my elegant-looking Alta over here. However, I’m a fickle girl and my affair with that dude’s since been eclipsed by a new friend and that’s the Fitbit Charge 2. Hoekom? It’s got a heart rate monitor, yo!

Wearing a heart rate monitor that isn’t a fiddly chest strap is a total joy that’s taken my fitness journey to the next level. Aside from the fact that I now get a more accurate read on the kilojoules I burn, I most love that I can score even more points – which means even more free coffees – with Discovery Health’s Vitality programme. For example, the Alta would pick up that I’d gone for a 30 minute run and give me 100 points for that. But, on days that I’m hung like a donkey and merely drag myself out for a walk, it wouldn’t register that as being good enough to garner points due to my lack of speed. The Charge 2, however, can see that even though I’m simply walking, my heart rate’s still in a fat burning zone, so it’s registered as an exercise that gives me points. Even better, on days when I do run, it sees that my heart rate goes through the roof and gives me even more points for the extra effort. (Can you tell I freaking looooove my points?)

You better work, bitch!
You better work, bitch!

Much like the Alta, the Charge 2’s straps are interchangeable and it can track your sleep, wake you up with a silent vibrating alarm and remind you to move – 250 steps an hour or you’re a lazy cow! But it can do other things too… like take you through a guided breathing meditation that’s personalised to your heart rate. To be honest though, this is something I’ve yet to use ‘cos my preferred method of relaxation is lying in bed to stare at a true life murder mystery on YouTube while stuffing yoghurt covered mango into my face.

More pluses? The Charge 2 is water-resistant and the battery life is epic. Up to five days!

So! Now that we’ve got all the specs out there, I want to get a li’l emo on you…

Growing up, I was never a sporty kind of girl. It wasn’t something I was naturally good at so I spent my energy focusing on other things that a) inspired me and b) I was good at. But now I sit here and look at the race medals hanging on my dresser and feel a sense of ‘who is this person?!’ along with a big, fat dollop o’ pride – not that I crossed the finish lines without having a heart attack but that Leigh, the unathletic, non-sporty girl actually did it.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned on my running journey it’s that, prior to starting it, I wasted a lot of time living in a tight circle of what I can and can’t do that was entirely self-imposed. We all have these ideas of who and what we are and what we do and don’t do and, while that’s a wonderful thing in terms of creating our identities, we don’t have to let it limit us. Making the shift from being a person who doesn’t run to someone who does turned out to be as simple as buying a pair of running shoes and taking the first step. And it got me thinking… what else am I not doing simply because I’d somehow gotten the idea that it’s something I don’t do or can’t? Are there other areas in my life where I go ‘Gosh, I admire people who can do XYZ ‘cos I’m just not the type’? Because, in reality, it’s merely the idea that you’re ‘not that type’ that’s holding you back.

My trail running buddy Leah and I getting our sweat on.
My trail running buddy Leah and I getting our sweat on. That’s the Alta on my wrist.

In short, jumping into a scene that I didn’t think was for me and making good progress in it, something I could track via my Fitbit, has been an awesome confidence boost as well as something I now lean on to help me smash through a myriad of invisible boundaries relating to how I define myself in every area of my life. Knowing the ‘theory’ of something – like the idea that I could make a mental shift if I wanted to – is one thing. But experiencing a small success – making the surprise shift of ‘non-athletic’ to ‘someone who runs’ – has created this massive bonfire inside of me, ignited by the concept that, now, any new ideas are things I know I could do if I wanted to.

Now, when I catch myself hesitating to take on a new challenge or try on a new hat because I think it’s ‘just not me’ I remind myself that we’re not yet baked in the mould and that every future moment holds the second I can decide exactly what I’m about, something that doesn’t have to ever be dictated by an old idea. Yesterday I was the person who ‘isn’t the type’ to travel alone. Yesterday I was the girl who doesn’t scuba dive. Yesterday I was someone who’d suck up a sacrifice to spare your feelings at the expense of hurting my own. But today I’m something else.

Oh look! It's me travelling on my ace in Mexico. This is a cenote, an underground cave.
Oh look! It’s me travelling on my ace in Mexico. This is a cenote, an underground cave and yep, that’s a Fitbit on my arm.

So, if you take anything away from this post, please let it be this: Today could be the day you boldly open a door to an exciting new road you might’ve closed off with something as flimsy as a notion you’ve never bothered to challenge. You are exactly who you’ve decided you want to be. But you don’t ever have to be done with the deciding.

But that’s not all… you could also walk off with a Fitbit Alta, just in time for Christmas! (For the record, it’s a brand new one kindly served up by Fitbit South Africa. Not my old one. That went straight to the flat mate who’s now also an obsessive step counter.) To enter, have a little think and then leave a comment on this post telling me what new and exciting thing you’re going to do, simply because you can or what you’ve done recently that’s got you excited about getting out of your comfort zone.

There’s another way to enter too. Hit me up on twitter with ‘Hey @lipglossgirl!’ I’d love to win a @FitbitSAfrica Alta’ and include the link to this post.

This comp closes on Wednesday at 5pm and is open to South African residents only. The winner will be chosen from both pools, twitter and the comments, using a random number generator.

Good luck girls! Also, if you don’t want to leave your Fitbit fate in the hands of the Gods and would prefer to snap one up yourself simply buy one today. Dion Wired has the Alta going for R1 990 (special ends tomorrow!) and I found the Charge 2 at Clicks for R2 699 (special ending on the 24th of December.)

Love, love


This competition is now closed. A big congrats to winner Tarryn Howard.

80 thoughts on “I’m loving my Fitbit Charge 2 and have a Fitbit Alta that you could win!

  1. I am also a lazy girl and never thought that I would follow an exercise regime. I recently bought a treadmill and am rocking it every day!

  2. This holiday I’m going to learn how to ride a motorcycle! My husband has been trying to get me to ride a motorcycle for years, but I’ve always been to scared. But since I turned 30 this year, i reckon it’s time to let go of being scared and just try it! We only live once, hey?!

    I’m so excited and super nervous at the same time! Wish me luck!

  3. I think exercise is a great example of things that people think aren’t for them. I felt that way about yoga. I like more energetic forms of exercise (running, boxing, weights) and definitely didn’t think I would ever find yoga challenging or interesting enough. Admittedly, that was not based on fact. I’ve since tried it and fallen in love with it and now I can’t help but wonder how many other things that ‘aren’t for me’ are exactly my jam.

  4. It is one of my goals for 2017 to start running and eventually doing a marathon. A Fitbit would be just the accessory to ensure that I stick to my plan and ensure that I reach my goal.

    1. Congrats Tarryn! You’ve won that Fitbit Alta! I’ve just sent you a mail asking for your details. Looking forward to hearing from you soon and congrats once more x x x

      1. Thank you so very much. This really has made my day and given me the motivation that I need. Thank you, thank you, thank you. xoxo

  5. I’ve always been conscious of my jelly pot belly. But exercise and me never jelled, especially sit ups.
    I’ve recently joined a Zuma class,thee best decision ever. I’ve had so much fun, over the past few weeks. Lost 2/3kilos and I’ve made new friends. My goal is to have a flat stomach again, so I’m thinking of taking belly dance lessons. I’d so love to win a Fit Bit it would keep track of my steps and help me reach my goal.

  6. I signed up for the 12 week beginners running program 15 weeks ago and was able to finish the 10km JMP Titans race recently! I have never been very sporty so this is a huge deal for me. I love my running club now and the few hours I spend with my fellow runners is the highlight of my week, every week!

  7. 2017 is going to be the year to work hard and play hard. The Fitbit will be the perfect way to keep the balance in my life πŸ’•

  8. I’ve recently lost 28kg’s (I can DM you some pics if you’d like proof πŸ˜‰ ) and now that I’m so much lighter, I’m loving a more active lifestyle. This weekend I signed up at PlanetFitness to shed the last little bit. I’m learning to love running – especially trail running and my old Polar watch is just not cutting it anymore.

    The Alta would be the perfect addition to my new healthy lifestyle πŸ™‚

  9. Inspiring, strong women like yourself motivate the rest of us to do what you do! Getting fit is not always about losing weight; but rather feeling confident in your own skin. Being fit is not always about looking good to impress others, but to impress yourself instead. We all want to be the very best version of ourself we can be, and sometimes that motivation comes from something like having a Fitbit to get you up in the morning when you don’t even want to face the day! I would love to get some motivation back into my life, especially over the festive season ❀ ❀

  10. After always being an evening runner, I’ve struggled to fit running and exercise into my routine over the last year due to taking on a more full time job. For the last two weeks I’ve decided its the mornings or never and I’ve committed to waking up early to get a run in three times a week before work. That way I know it’s done and it’s actually been the best way to start my day. Now if I can just replace my old garmin watch that literally broke in two with a new one so I can start counting those Discovery points again, my routine will pretty much be complete πŸ™‚

  11. I am starting my 2017 resolution today, gyming is on the cards. Hubby is also starting with me today! So looking forward to the results!

  12. In 1 year I’ve very slowly lost 25kgs. It’s been a tough commitment to follow. With correcting my eating habits and some spinning classes I been able to achieve this.

    I need to loose another 10kgs to be in the “correct bracket” for my BMI. I’m a shorty too, which doesn’t help things. 1.59m πŸ™‚

    Shopping has been become fun again and at times a bit of an addiction. When you look good you feel good. I’m finally able to wear a pair of shorts, which I haven’t been able to do in 10 years.

    My goal for 2017 is to do a race. I’m by no means fit or a gym bunny BUT I want a medal. To hang up proudly. To know that I put my all in to achieve that medal. To look at it and keep me motivated and to hang that carrot to get another and another.

    My second goal would be to join a boot camp group. I want to become so fit and healthy and comfortable in my own skin that there will be no looking back.

    Crossing fingers and toes. And yes I might also become one of those obsessive step and point counters:-)

    1. Good for you! 25kg is no mean feat so this is me giving you major respect. I piled on 10kg the other day thanks to a super fun hormonal imbalance and I’ve managed to lose 5 with another 5 to go and every kg has been hard won. Also, I’m a shorty too (1,6m) so I feel ya. Keep on going and you’ll definitely do that race. I’m by no means lean or muscley and people look at me with suspicion when I say I run five times a week ‘cos there’s this expectation that I’d then be ‘thinner’ but fuck that. Nobody knows your journey, only you and you’re going to get that medal x x x

  13. I hope that in this year to come, I make mistakes. Because if I am making mistakes, then I am making new things, trying new things, learning, living, pushing myself, changing myself, changing my world….doing things I have never done before, and more importantly, doing something….Over the festive season I am going to swap the car for a bike for the day. So much more can be absorbed when cycling, plus it’s great exercise.

  14. In July, we lost our 4th pregnancy due to unexplained miscarriage. I resigned from my job and decided that it was time for me to heal myself, both inside and out. I started on a self discovery journey that has lead me to such beautiful experiences in life. I pray daily for at least an hour, giving thanks for the many blessings I have. I pray for the miracle of a healed body and a healthy baby someday. I did a juice detox for 6 weeks in which I only ate fruit and veg smoothies, breakfast, lunch and supper. Till today, my breakfast and lunch is still only a fruit or veg smoothie. I cut out refinded sugar, wheat, dairy and gluten.
    I exercise at least 30 minutes 5 times a week. I attend beauty events alone – which was my big fear – and I overcame it. I’m am happier and healthier I have ever been. I embrace me for me, with all my flaws and all! I am loving life! Most of all, I care so much less of what people think about me and my journey – its mine not there’s !

    1. Hi hun! I’m so sorry for your loss but also glad you’ve found a way that’s helping you to move forward. We’re all so much stronger than we realise. Also, I’ve just stalked your blog and it looks like you’re Cape-based so next time you’re at a beauty event and I happen to be there please come find me. I know how intimidating they can be in the beginning. I was one of the first bloggers on the scene and breaking into the super tight mag editor crowd was super scary, especially when many of them actively took a ‘who is this digital person coming into our space’ type of attitude. Fortunately I’m as tenacious as hell and today the launch space has become this wonderful mixed bag with most involved coming to realising there’s a place for everyone. But ja, at the next launch you’re sitting next to me x x x

      1. Hi Gae. I’ve justed posted an article I have been wantng to post since last eek, but didn’t have the courage to. Your message gave me the courage – thank you!

  15. I so agree with you Leigh!
    I wasn’t athletic in School (more of a creative) and I’ve recently lost 20kgs (!!) a huge achievement for me and in losing the weight my mind has opened to SO many different options, I’ve run non-stop for a max of 10minutes (a big deal when you are not athletic and overweight), I’m hitting the circuit twice in a row and not dying, I’m pushing myself in more ways than I can believe.
    But the biggest achievement and milestone that I’ve been challenged with is… in 2017 I will begin the first step of getting a Bachelors Degree! A seriously daunting task to begin in your thirties!

  16. Wow, Leigh this post was like an echo of my last year. I now get excited about buying fitness gear (except the price, whoah!) and conquering new mountains and hills (yes, flipping literally).

    Last year I conquered my weight by losing over 25kg’s and with that came the discovery of exercise. I joined ABC Bootcamp and have not looked back. I did the Gun Run this year for the first time (bucket list, tick) and was amazed that I succeeded, and now just this past weekend I did the 6km obstacle course called The Grind (another bucket list, tick). At 42yrs I am amazed at what I can do when I put my mind to it.

    It’s all about conquering the; the body will follow if you just push through! I would love the FitBit more than anything, but like you, I would love for people to realise you have nothing to prove to anyone … just believe in yourself … you can do it!
    x Heather

  17. Thanks for the awesome post… Reading about you being brave and stepping out of your comfort zone is a real treat for others. Definitely gets me more positive knowing I can do whatever I set my mind to as well.
    So joining gym was a big step for me and an even bigger step was training alone. I couldn’t ever imagine going to gym by myself and being so self conscious but now Iv gotten over that. It’s me VS me πŸ™‚ will share on Twitter (@lucindaleila)

  18. I didn’t excercise at all until I hit 40 and now I’m addicted. I exercise about 5 times a week and I mix it up with yoga, running, spinning and circuit training. Tonight I’m giving Pilates a try for the first time. I’m loving that I can keep trying new ways to keep fit and strong.

  19. I’ve been catching up on your posts and in a totally unrelated note, can I just add how much I freakin adore your writing? K, cool, about that new thing I’m doing – I’m currently 3D printing a human which has me feeling like utter shit, like if our bodies are meant to make babies, why is pregnancy full of so many challenges. Anyhoo, with my first kid, I was a lazy sod – I’d lay on the couch all day, drinking steri-stumpi and complaining about swollen feet. But with this kid, it is my goal to be more active. Whether it is continuing at gym or going for a brisk walk on the beach, I have promised myself a healthier pregnancy this time around. Sometimes, it feels like I’m dragging my body, but I mean – at least it is moving, right? It would be cool to have something to use as a way to measure goals.

  20. This post actually makes me teary 😦 I was the girl with excuses and then I took one step, then another….and I lost 30kgs. The weight was not even my achievement…I was weight lifting. I did Iron girl, Spar 10kms. THe day I finished Iron Girl I cried. I had been 125kgs when I started..lost the weight, trained…..and I did it. Ran a race, I wasn’t last. I was so proud of me (now I am crying)….. then I stopped. I fell pregnant. I was so sick for the whole pregnancy (Kate Middleton sickness) and went into a very bad depression. Here I am a year later….as fat and unfit as ever. Like those years of sweat, hard work, tears and motivation…..never happened. (officially sobbing)

    Thank you for this message. I needed it. I did it before, I can be that girl again…the one I was so proud of. That poor 125kg girl that got up in winter to train, 3 times a week…..her sacrifice could not have been in vain. Praying muscle memory kicks in….lol….because I’m going to collapse I think!

    This is an amazing prize. I had one with the chest strap…after the 10km race I had chaffed so raw under my boobs. It was awful, so this sounds amazing to me and would really help me on my path to get back to where I want to…need to be. ❀

  21. I’m currently using my phone to track my stats and it’s not accurate and I can’t take my phone with my everywhere. I would really love the to win the fitbit it’s been on my vision board for the last 2 years. I also would use it to press on in my workouts and create better content for my readers on my blog dumbbellsanddelights.com

  22. I started running two months ago around a school field. When I started I could not even run 100m without feeling like I needed to call the paramedics. I then kept on going and even though I run as slow as a tortoise on sandpaper, I am now able to run 5km guys! How epic is that! I am so proud of myself. I do not possess a Fitbit, so I am holding thumbs that I win because then I can take my fitness to another level.

  23. 18 months post baby and turning 40 in July 2017. I’ve employed a personally trainer and
    Am also under the lifestyle program of comrades coach ~ John Hamlett. I refuse to be 40 and a chunky Mamma.

  24. This is such a great post Leigh! We so often think we are totally incapable of doing anything that is out of our comfort zone. A month ago I quit Virgin Active, got a dog and I intend on exercising outdoors more – running, hiking, beach walks etc. It’s made the world of difference. I feel so much more motivated than running on a treadmill inside a gym. This little piece of awesome technology would be such an added bonus in keeping track of my fitness progress πŸ™‚

  25. Hi Leigh! For the last 2 years, I’ve been trying (read struggling) to shift a few (read many) stubborn kgs. I took up hot yoga and love how it tones your body and keeps you sane. But deep down I knew that I needed to find the right cardio-style exercise to add to my yoga and finally lose the weight. I joined a running club and no matter how much time and effort I put in, I hated it. Then I got engaged and so stressed about losing weight, that I actually gained. About 2 months ago, I thought ‘what the hell’ and went to a spinning class alone. Despite thinking that this is so not for me, and being sore in places you aren’t meant to be, I discovered love it! I’ve finally found the style of exercise that works for me, and the weight has slowly started to fall off. With 3 months to go until my big day, I would love to win a FitBit for that little extra bit of motivation.

  26. Thanks for the great post! Only discovered your blog today. and I’m loving it!

    Oehhh, well we recently did an amazing sunset hike on Lionshead & went right around to Wally’s cave! I was utterly refreshing and satisfying as I’ve always wanted to do a sunset hike. Cape town is just tooooo beautiful & it’s such a shame that I don’t go on adventures like this often enough. I will definitely be hiking a lot more & one of the things at the top of my bucket list is to go paragliding! Just like you, when i was little, I was never really into sport or outdoor activities, but will definitely get out of my comfort zone more often now i know how rewarding it can be!

    πŸ™‚ Have a rad week! And i’m looking forward to your next blog post!

  27. 2016 has quite possibly been one of the toughest years of my life. I was diagnosed with some medical issues which floored me. I went through some medical experiences that obliterated my sense of self, made me question my identity and feel like a complete and utter failure. Based on instructions from my medical team I gave up triathlon, and then gave up gym too. I gained a LOT of weight, lost myself and spiraled into a ball of misery.

    Fast forward a few months and I’m on a completely different path. I found an amazing psychologist who I worked closely with to resolve some lifelong issues. I started going to gym again, and working out for LOVE and ENJOYMENT rather than medals and accolades, which had been my focus over the last few years. I have started working out with a personal trainer who guides me in my exercise and I meditate and pray before I go to sleep and when I wake up every morning. I’ve lost over 20kg, I am getting fitter and stronger – both physically and emotionally – and I’m preparing to tackle my medical issues head on in the new year. My goal for the coming months is to continue on this path of health and vitality, so that when January and all it’s medical appointments roll around I’ll be in the best position to beat my diagnosis.

  28. Hi Leigh,
    I am not a fitness expert but I know I need to increase my activity levels to loose the weight (20kgs)after having Anna (who is almost 3 !!!!) I am not one for running marathons or going to the gym anymore (I just dont have the time !!) So my goal for 2017 is to get Anna in the pram, the dogs on their leashes and hopefully using my new Fit Bit can track what I’m doing and motivate myself even more !!! (Even if it means just wearing it to be – and letting it tracks my nightly walks to the loo!!)

  29. I have slowly started to get back into exercise after a hip operation and I am loving that I am finally starting to get stronger again. My goal next year is to be able to do spin classes and get back to Park Runs. A Fit Bit is on my lust list to help me get there and keep me motivated.

  30. ok this is bit different, but Ive decided to learn to play the piano, it always stuck with me that there wasnt a spot for me way back in primary school. now is the time. oh yeah, and retake up jogging.
    I’d rather start/stop jog than not jog completely

  31. My partner and I are moving to a farm next year and this Fitbit would be ideal for those morning walks and swims on the farm. My goal is to become healthier, fitter and happier.

  32. I went Quad biking the otherday, besides being absolutly terrified and ending up in EVERY.SINGLE.BUSH (like you would think after the first few I would have figured out how to avoid them) it was such an amazing experience. My husband and I are now going on a full on adventure next year and we are planning to do skydiving, white water rafting, and maybe even the Quads again (maybe)

  33. I made a baby! I spent 7 of those 9 months eating my body weight in Astros and Mint Aeros! It’s week two back at gym and week 8 of being a wine-less momma. I’d love to monitor my heart rate so I can reward myself with a free smoothie with vitality points! Also babies are heavy.

  34. My comfort zone has been the couch, hiding behind my phone, not being out in the real world. I’m determined to overcome my introverted behaviour and to get out more. I want to run more, see more people, try new things. Being a new mom I’ve used baby as an excuse to shy away from the world. It has to stop and I need to take the leap and put myself (and my new identify) out there.

  35. I’m a new mom, so I’m totally out of my comfort zone! Type A personalities are totally stretched with a newborn not behaving to our exact standards 😜 Bring on the new challenge!

  36. I LOVE eating. And writing about eating. And writing about how amazing food and wine at certain places is. And it’s been the reason for my weight gain this past year. Have I let the weight gain get me down though? Nope. I still love my body and will flaunt my body. However, for health reasons, I do need to ditch the burgers and pizzas, for more healthier options. So, in order to get this right, I’m still going to eat out as often I always do, but instead of going for the unhealthy stuff, I’m going to see how I can make a meal healthy at said places.

    I’d flippen love to win this and track my steps and calories and so on, and get my hot bod back on! I’ve literally been wanting one for as long as I can remember, but a freelancer’s life hasn’t made that possible yet. πŸ‘€πŸŽ…πŸΌπŸŽ„πŸŽβœ¨

  37. Just bought a Charge 2 for my wife. She’s now going out of her comfort zone and going for walks, to gym and going to attempt to get one of those 30 minute heart rate workouts you talk about

  38. 2017 … Going to be for me … Too just keep moving. Get out my comfort zone and just … Keep moving.
    Holding thumbs this is an awesome prize 🎈

  39. All of these comments just makes you realise how alike we all are in this world. We all struggle with some or other “monster”, be it weight, time constraints and health issues. I am so relieved to see that I am not the only one struggling. My plan to get rid of my “monster” is to run towards it and not away! I have been struggling with panic attacks and anxiety issues for the last 20 years and it’s stolen so much of my world, so much so that I just couldn’t face the outdoors. Home was my safe place. I have slowly but surely started an exercise regime that includes mountain biking and I hope that my love of nature and the outdoors will calm these nerves and bring back the person I knew 20 years ago. Every step towards a healthier me is what I am aiming for. To everyone else out there struggling with similar monsters…don’t let them deprive you of life! You are in control!

  40. I knew I had a problem when my 6 year old came home from school with a Mother’s Day card from school, the kind that asks the kids questions to see what kind of “out of the mouths of babes’ responses you will get.

    Well according to my son “Mommy is 40” (I was 36 at the time). “Mommy’s favourite drink is Coke and her favourite food is pizza and her favourite thing to do is lie on the couch.” *facepalm*.

    Talk about a reality check. I am not exactly modelling healthy behavior haha. (And how can he not know that wine is my favourite drink?!) Added to this my clothes all seem to be miraculously shrinking in the wash… Time for me to get my ass into gear. I have always threatened to one day run the Comrades… All I know is I need to start somewhere. Love your inspiration xxx

  41. Not only is your story just so awesome it’s damn inspirational too!
    I would love a little stylish Fitbit to go around my wrist for when I train for my first ‘triathlon’ next year because it would certainly help with reaching my goal!
    After I left school I really took ‘first year spread’ to a whole new level and the weight is still sitting like a nice tyre around my waistline. I have tried to think of ways that would get me moving and grooving again to help shed a few kilos before my sisters wedding and the first one is going to be the midmar Mile. This is my 6th open water swim and this next year I’ve decided to swim with the CHOC foundation because everyone deserves a little love! A beautiful Fitbit Alta would really really really help me with training and achieving my goals and I feel that if i have the beauty around my wrist it will make me want to get up and do something!

    Good luck to me πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

  42. My daughter and I did quite a few 5km events this year and I would like us to do more next year and maybe even increase to 10km

  43. Very well written and totally inspiring….and so relate to I am not that type of girl thing. Friday night I did a dance with 4 other girls in front of an audience and loved it so much, we laughed so much πŸ˜‚ I forgot about my big boobs that have always held me back and just had a jol 😊 Going to try some other things when the opportunity arises and be the girl that joins in πŸ™‚

  44. Hi Lipglossgirl
    I’ve struggled with my weight and fitness since I was a kid but a year ago I joined a bootcamp and things have really turned around. I’ve still got a long way to go and I’m sure a Fitbit Alta would be the best addition to my training program and my success? 5)&/ would be the best Xmas pressie! #lipglossgirlforthewin

  45. So I finally started running after having two kids! It’s taken me ages to start again and I can’t stop! But alas I am missing an awesome running watch and This sounds amazing!

  46. This holiday I am going to try kayaking because it allows me the opportunity to get out and enjoy the outdoors. In addition to being a fun, easy, and enjoyable

  47. I have been after a fitbit for quite some time now and would so love to win. My new adventure is travelling for the first time I have never been on a plane, never been overseas and in the new year I will get to experience it all. Not only am I excited about travelling for the very first time but I will also be staying in a rainforest in Thailand I absolutely love nature and extremely excited for this. I could really use the fit bit I will be going hiking in the rainforest:)

  48. I have spent most of my life dreading summer as I’m unfit and not in my best shape. Recently I persuaded my hubby to sign up for gym with me and keep me accountable! Our contract begins on January 1st, and I think the Fitbit would be the cherry on top to my commitment to make 2017 my fittest year yet!

  49. hitting the big 30 and the body aint what is used t be – no more excuses of bad knees and week ankles – see you on the prom WITH MY FITBIT xxx

  50. The Fitbit Charge 2 matches your purple/fuchsia running shoes perfectly!! I have always been fit during school, but when I started studying at Stellenbosch, my books required a lLOT of attention. I am not a “gym junkie” by all means! I love nature and will rather connect and be one with it. This year I have decided to start eating more healthy and exercise more often. I have accumulated around 10kg the past 6 years and hiking was my exercise goal. I have been on a few hikes this year that included Lionshead with the Supermoon, Hakkerville Wilderness hike and last weekend the Wolberg cracks and arch hike. I enjoy it SO much and the nature is breathtaking. My goals for next year is to do the Otter trial and other ones and maybe even dare a 10km trial run.

  51. I love junk food and always reach for the sugar but because my health is going down and I love myself, I am making a change to be healthy, but not just that, to change my entire lifestyle, state of mind and outlook on life, inviting in more positivity and embracing change!

  52. I always have such good intentions but that super-comfy couch always wins!! 2017 is going to be my year to kick things up a notch – I’ve committed to trying out aerial silk “dancing” with a colleague. She teaches the class so there’s no hiding behind excuses as to why I didn’t make it – it’s definitely going to be something outside of my comfort zone but im really excited to give something so different a try!

  53. This is gonna sound so basic bitch and retarded but the thing I wanna do is get out the house more!!!! After having baby (she’s 3 months now) I basically just sit at home with the baby all day and thats it. I have now taken up baby wearing and strap her onto me in a carrier and my thing I wanna do in the holidays is just get out!!! Be it going for a walk or a hike to the waterfall or going out for a cocktail with baby strapped to me. I need to break free and start living again.

  54. I am thoroughly enjoying my new exercise regime, thanks to the massive encouragement from my daughter who motivates and inspires me push myself further every day. My daily regime has made a big difference not only physically but most importantly mentally and emotionally. It really makes me look forward to starting a new day every day. A fitbit would really make a more positive impact as I would be able to monitor my performance in real time.

  55. I have really pushed myself hard these past 6 months and the results show, I am fitter, at a better weight and more toned than I have ever been. I would like to really reach higher goals now and get to compete in some trail runs. A fitbit alta would be amazing to win as I have seen them and read the reviews, but alas a student budget still does not stretch that far for me.

  56. I gave birth 6 months and I’ve lost a lot of weight unintentionally. Because of that, I use the excuse that I do need to exercise. Oh but I do – I need to get back to strength training and maybe those steps on the Fitbit might motivate me to do just that.

  57. #Lipglossismylife
    I am going to be honest I have become a stressed out couch potato I .am not in a good place physically or mentally I need some motivation maybe if I measure my steps “20 ” calories burnt “2” I will see the error of my ways and try improve my fitness. .it’s now about health & vitality .#LazinessMustFall
    #Fitbit rescue me motivate me help me

  58. I never thought I’d become a fitness freak. Using 3 tablets on the highest dosage and after my doctor sat me down and explained the consequences of my chronic hypertension I had to changes to my lifestyle. With the love and help of my newest bestie we started and healthy eating plan which I’m loving by the way.. I joined the nearest gym and boy the cm’s are dropping!! looking and feeling like a brand new person. Well I’m out of danger and feeling more alive ready to take my fitness to another level. this is so rewarding not sure why I never did this sooner. Now if I had a fitbit on my arm I’d be able to track my movement and be reminded to lift my lazy butt on the not so good days lol…hope I get to win this 1… cheers all !!! I’m off to gym

  59. Ok I’m bombarding every avenue, I can’t afford a new Fitbit and my trusty ChargeHR bubbled and bombed on me. Iv had fitbitfomo since then and I’m a Fitbit super fan who needs any other device and you can still look stylish with a junky fitness device on your arm. So that’s me entered errrveerry where #fingerscrossed

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