Review: Cetaphil Daylong SPF 50 Liposomal lotion for face and body

So let’s talk sunscreen! When I went to Vietnam I took a few with me ‘cos I like to mix it up. A low SPF so I can initially get a teensy bit of a tan and then a very high one ‘cos once I’ve invariable burned some part of my body (it always happens) I want to keep the sun off it in a big way. And this is where Cetaphil’s Daylong SPF 50 Liposomal lotion for face and body came in.

Get it at Dis-Chem for R209,95. (That's R50 cheaper than Clicks).
Get it at Dis-Chem for R209,95. (That’s R50 cheaper than Clicks).

This guy totally saved my life, particularly on a day when I was on a boat, because it’s amazing water-resistant, not to mention sweat resistant. It gets so hot over there you’re literally walking around in a coat of a your own sweat (be it day or night!) so staying power was important to me. The other thing I like about Cetaphil’s big guns sun protection is the fact that it’s liposomal.


Your might not have heard about liposomal sunscreens as the tech is pretty new and Cetaphil is the only brand in SA, that I’m aware of, that’s using it. So let’s break it down. Chemical sunscreens get absorbed into your skin to protect it from the inside. Some people, particularly those who are very chemical aware and dislike parabens and what not don’t like that as they’re not big on having inorganic substances leach into their bod. Physical ones are deemed ‘safer’ as they sit on top of your skin but are often greasy-feeling and rub off easily. Liposomal ones, however, are different. They’re formulated with very small particals called liposomes that only penetrate the very top layers of your skin but, as they’re still absorbed, you’re not left feeling oily or slick while the sun protection benefits are longer-lasting.

Long day on the boat in Ha Long Bay? No problem! (For the record, this isn’t a stock image. I snapped it on my HTC (who no longer sponsor me ‘cos I think their M9 is meh in comparison to the M8).

I’m happy to say that after several long days in the sun, Cetaphil’s li’l darling helped me protect my skin like a boss. If you’re looking for a hard-working high SPF that’s super gentle on your skin and won’t block your pores or aggravate acne, this is a good pick.

Love, love


7 thoughts on “Review: Cetaphil Daylong SPF 50 Liposomal lotion for face and body

  1. Can you still where makeup on top of that? I am very light skinned (read redhead that burns within in minutes) and need to wear sunscreen daily (even in winter)

    1. It says you can use it on your face but I didn’t use it there as it’s a bit too heavy-feeling for face. (I have an oily-combo skin so my fave facial sunscreens are Heliocare SPF 50 gel and Cetaphil Oil Control moisturiser SPF 50. I wear these on ‘outdoor days’ when I know I’m going to be in the sun.)

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