I’m ba-aaack!

Hi girls

I’m back from Vietnam (AMAZING!) but am now riddled with flu – again! The cold I had before I left was something I was able to shake off (thank God) but literally within 24 hours of getting home I got taken down once more, but in a big way. We’re talking body aches, shivers, sweats, the works!

I spent all weekend in bed and didn’t do any writing as my brain was mush (or more mushy than it still is right now) but if you check back in two hours or so you’ll find my final Vietnam post should be up as well as another beauty-focused piece.

Love, love


2 thoughts on “I’m ba-aaack!

  1. Oh No…flu is terrible. I had it bad a week ago, no voice to make blah blah blah LOL. Hope you getting plenty of rest (uhmm didnt you just get baaaack x_x) Get well soon sweety 🙂

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