Review: Filorga Scrub & Mask reoxygenating exfoliating mask

Like a good enzyme-based exfoliator? Filorga have just launched new Scrub & Mask reoxygenating exfoliating mask (R770, Edgars and Red Square).

Hello new friend!

Texture-wise, it’s quite interesting as it starts out as a runny lotion with fine, gritty crystals in it but if you leave it on your skin it soon converts into a thin layer of foam, kind of like a shaving cream.


To use it, you’re to apply it to dry skin and massage it in to benefit from the initial exfoliation provided by the crystals. As they’re not very ‘concentrated’ it’s not nearly as scrubby as something like Sorbet’s Daily Skin Polish Powder (a great dupe for Dermalogica’s Daily Microfoliant) or The Body Shop’s Vitamin C Microdermabrasion but it’s not just the little grains that there are there to do the work – Filorga’s newbie also has exfoliating enzymes in the mix and that’s why it’s a good idea to leave it on for ten minutes, if not to enjoy the mask aspect, but to get maximum polish.

Aside from exfoliation, Filorga’s mask also aims to provide your skin with oxygen but I don’t want to comment on that too much as I’ve received so much conflicting information on oxygen facials and whether they have merit or not that I really just don’t know where I stand anymore. To its credit, however, Filorga’s mask does contain the brand’s special NCTF mix, a patented blend of antioxidant vitamins, co-enzymes, minerals and amino acids found in most of their skin care products. Still, the best way to benefit from that would be to buy one of the brand’s moisturisers.

Having used Filorga’s Scrub & Mask for a while now I can say I consider it a gentle enzyme exfoliator that definitely does work. You’ll definitely notice that your skin looks more refined after use, feels smoother to the touch and isn’t the least bit tight – as though you used one of the grainier exfoliants I mentioned early, but without the irritation.

Another story to it’s credit? I developed a monster spot on my cheek the other day and immediately sent it back to hell with prescription Differin gel, a super strong retinoid-based pimple buster that I love, love, love. Still, it left a bit of dryness and a thin scab in its wake I was pleased to see that one ten minute session with Filorga’s mask lifted it away like a boss.

Last but not least, I’d love to give Filorga some major props for the airless pump packaging.


A couple of their products are in jars but I hate exposing any active ingredients to air so here’s hoping this is something they keep up.

Love, love


P.S. I know not all of you guys have deep pockets right now – hell, I know I don’t – and that you really appreciate it when I list alternative products for less when I feature something pricy so I’m going to attempt to do that regularly from now on. In this case, Nimue also make an enzyme exfoliator that’s about R500. (Ignore the price in the post I’ve linked to, it’s an old one). Obviously it doesn’t have all the other added fabs that Filorga’s serves up, but it will dissolve the bonds that hold old, dead skin cells together so you can easily lift them away.

7 thoughts on “Review: Filorga Scrub & Mask reoxygenating exfoliating mask

  1. Hi Leigh. Will I have to visit a dermatologist in order to obtain a prescription for the Differin gel? Also how much does it cost and what’s the quantity of the product? And I want to know how long does it take to KILL the pimple, lol?

    (I wanted to try the Environ products I think its called, but they want me to go in for a consultation and I can’t go because its just too far away for me, and inconvenient! Also I don’t know jhb very well so I don’t like to venture out too much to unknown places. I want something I can use for the pimples, easily available, like from the chemist/clicks or online. As in pimple zapper! Lol . And a good chemical exfoliant that’s a leave on like toner or serum. Under R600 price range will do. Please if you can make any recommendations for me I will appreciate a lot!)

    Xo ❤ 🙂

    1. Hi hun! Yes, you do need a prescription for it but any doc can give it to you, not just a derm. Generally though, I’ve found that smaller, family run pharmacies just hand it over as it’s acne cream, not Xanax. I think it’s about R300 or R400? The tube is pretty small – like the size of a travel-sized toothpaste but you only need a dash. My advice, however, is to only pay what you’re willing to spend. My favourite drug store spot zapper is Innoxa Spot Drops. It doesn’t work as fast as Differin and you have to apply it multiple times a day but in the end it will dry that pimple up. As far as Environ goes you can buy that at your local Sorbet salon. I just walk in and buy and have never had to endure a consultation. In regards to a chemical exfoliator, you can use one that makes use of enzymes or AHAs. To be honest, I can’t think of any that are decent that you’d find at Clicks. Apologies! Maybe give Placecol’s enzyme exfoliator a try? You can buy it online and while it’s a wash-off product it’s still effective. Most chemical exfoliatants aren’t left on too long as you don’t want to sensitise your skin. Hope this helps!

  2. (This filorga product too expensive for me and I don’t want something that washes off in 15 minutes-especially given the price.) Also I’ve never seen filorga in clicks.. For me its not just the price-products must be easily accessible too for someone like me. Because if I can’t go and get it off a shelf or buy online, with decent courier costs, I’m unlikely to purchase…

  3. After trying their GREAT NCTF toner which i absolutely love. I thought i would try the scrub and mask….. 55ml and you pay R700 i only noticed when i tried using it after maybe the 5th time how little product you get for the huge price disappointed 😥

    1. Hi Lucy! Yes, it’s definitely not a budget product. When I review something that’s aimed at the ‘deep pocket crew’ I always list an alternative that’s similar but more wallet friendly. In this case it’s the Nimue enzyme exfoliator, but I’m not sure if they make it anymore (this is a very old post). Are you dead set on getting a chemical exfoliator? If not and you’re willing to try a mechanical one check out Sorbet’s polish powder. It’s a good value dupe for Dermalogica’s microfoliant and the one I buy when I can’t afford the other.

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