Did you catch me chatting about the blue lipstick trend on Expresso the other day?

Is anyone else sick of hearing about Kylie bloody Jenner and her stupid lip kits? I am. But either way, she’s launched two new shades and both of them are blue. Having tried blue lippie myself – on live TV nogal – I can tell you right now that it’s a super hard look to pull off.

Hating it!
Hating it! And yes, I know it’s all smudged. You try drinking a sad MacDonald’s take-away cappuccino with Avatar lips…

Literally seconds before the camera flicked on I was sitting on the couch with fellow Fash Packer Margaux Knuppe’s fingers in my mouth trying to rub it off my teeth while the set peeps freaked out about the fact that I was painting my nails at the same time. I’d have finished up that mani long ago if I hadn’t used all my prep time slapping on the blue. It’s not easy because, with a shade so dark, you have to ensure your liner’s total on point. Speaking of which, that blue ‘lipstick’ was created using a navy eyeliner with a slick of gloss. Can we get a shout out for Expresso’s magical make-up artists?

Lastly, I want to get all braggy and show off this rocking Insta shot I took of Alexis Chaffe-Mey.

Gorgeous, right?
Gorgeous, right?

She was wearing this gorgeous H&M two piece (‘Two pieces are my life!’, she says) and I thought it would look great with the floor but she wasn’t sold. ‘You want me to lie on that dirty, freezing floor?’ Girl, like, of course! Beauty is pain, darling! This is how myself and a camera guy ended up screaming ‘Do it! Do it! DO IT!’ before I eventually gave her an ‘I’m doing this because I love you’ shove to the ground when she kneeled down to give it a tentative feel. (Bullies. Stylists. It’s such a fine line.) Within seconds another crew dude had fanned out her hair and BOOM, we got our shot.

Now tell me, are you going to be doing it the Smurfy way and rocking blue lips any time soon?

Love, love


One thought on “Did you catch me chatting about the blue lipstick trend on Expresso the other day?

  1. Good Gods. Why the hell would anyone want to paint their lips blue?? Unless you’re trying to look like a corpse, please don’t. Just, don’t!

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