Did you catch me chatting about Halle Berry’s hair tattoo on Expresso?

If you’re an early riser (or have happened to see my shameless self-promotion on social media) you’ll have noticed I’ve been appearing on Expresso as part of the Fash Pack quite a bit this month. I’m not going to lie guys. It’s made things super awkward. For starters, driving my dented Kia slick ride down the street while throngs of screaming fans throw themselves up against the windows in a bid to snatch a selfie with me is just embarrassing. Also, I used to be able to hang out with my girlfriends but now that I’m F. A. (Famous and Amazing) and they’re just, well, normal, we just don’t have much to talk about anymore.

I’m actually set to appear on Expresso again tomorrow morning and asked the producer if I can come in via the back entrance so as not to be harassed by the paps but he hasn’t written back ‘cos he’s now probably too busy trying to sell the screen cap of our convo to Huisgenoot. It’s just soooo hard, ya’ll! Soooo hard!

Anyway, if you’re interested, here’s the clip from last week’s show where I chat about Halle Berry’s new ‘hair tattoo’. Stylist Alexis Chaffe-Mey appears too, blabbing about something fashion-related but let’s not pretend it’s really all just about me.

Love, love


P.S. Don’t you love how they’ve billed me as ‘Leigh van den Berg’. It’s such a slap in the face. Everyone knows I’m now a single name chica like Beyonce or Britney. In fact, I’m actually thinking of changing my name to just a symbol – possibly the unicorn emoticon when I finally get it on my phone…

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