What’s inside Essence Cosmetics’ pinata?

Last week Essence sent me a not so little Easter egg-shaped pinata along with the challenge of busting is open, but it proved to be a hard egg to crack. Fortunately, with a little help from my flatmate, Gaylord*, me managed to, ahem, hatch a plan.

I had a really great shot of all the sweeties lying on the ground but clearly ate too many Smarties which had the opposite effect and I ended up accidentally deleting it in fit of high glycaemic pique.

Still, I can tell you about the cosmetic goodies in the egg that have made the best impression, the first being the Essence I Heart Extreme Crazy Volume mascara (R53,95) that I had to wrestle away from Gay.

Essence I Heart Extreme
Essence I Heart Extreme Crazy Volume mascara

This is a fabulous pocket-friendly option if you’re looking for volume but don’t like clumps. As the formula’s waxy it builds like a boss but the rubber bristle comb keeps things looking defined. It’s a great choice for a big night out when you want to bring the drama.

See? Clicking on this piccie will enlarge it and bump up the clarity.

I also love a cute-looking sponge so Essence gets more props for these guys.

Very Easter-themed, right?
Essence make-up & powder sponges – because I only use Easter egg coloured make-up sponges in April.

Last, but not least, I really, really like their Sheer & Shine lipstick in Like A Princess (R38,95).

On the left it's photographing as crazy hot pink and it's not.
On the left it’s photographing as crazy hot pink and it’s not. The colour on the right is more true to life.

It does what it says on the tin in that it adds colour and shine yet feels fabulously light and hydrating on your lips, like you’re wearing one of those tinted chubby sticks. It’s the perfect ‘grab it out you’re bag, slam it on and smack your lips together without a mirror’ kind of lipstick and this particular colour is great in that it’s a fun, flattering pink that’s certainly bright, but isn’t going to drag you to Barbie Town.

Oh, wait! There is one other goodie I want to show you…

For when you really want to bring the mooi.
Essence Lashes to Impress in 03 Half Lashes, R47,95.

I haven’t used these yet but like that they’re super affordable and very natural-looking. So many of the other lashes you can grab at the pharmacy are big, spidery monsters so it’s nice to know you’ve got an option that allows you to rev up the glamour but in a way that’s still natural-looking. When I eventually do bust the pack open for an event or something I’ll be sure to snap a pic.

Love, love


*Her name’s actually Gaylene but she hates it so much she actually prefers Gaylord which is great as it’s pretty much the only thing my family have ever referred to her as since 2001. Poor thing.

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