Review: Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra compact foundation

Oooh! Look what’s just hit the beauty counters! Lancôme is bringing out a new line up of powder called Teint Idole Ultra compact foundation (R565).

Pretty, pretty!
Pretty, pretty!

While its positioned as a ‘powder foundation’ its incredibly finely-milled and goes on sheer so I consider it to be more of a powder than a foundation, if that makes sense.

How much do we love compacts that contain a nice, big mirror?
How much do we love compacts that contain a nice, big mirror?

When I want bad ass coverage for TV appearances or an event I reach for Guerlain Parure Gold compact foundation which is just as heavy as MAC’s Studio Fix but doesn’t look flat or feel chalky. Lancôme’s new offering is completely different to either of those as it’s light as a feather and you’ll still see your skin through it regardless of how many times you dust it on. Because of this, I think women who are used to full coverage powder foundations are going to be left wanting.

This shade is called BLAH. While it's a little pinker than what I'd usually wear it's not an ish and it's so sheer.
This shade is called Lys Rose. While it’s a little pinker than what I’d usually wear it’s not an ish as, like I said, it’s super duper sheer.

However, if you’re after a long-wearing pressed powder that mattifies like a boss but still manages to leave your skin looking natural and luminous thanks to lots of Perlite you’re going to adore Lancôme’s latest. I love that I can apply it multiple times a day to blitz my shiny T-panel and it looks divine every time. If I did that with my Guerlain compact I’d look like I’d dusted my face with cement!

Lancôme’s new compact is available in eight shades that range from super pale and the way through to a deep, warm cocoa so you’re sure to find one that suits.

Love, love


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