Forever21 SA ‘Outfit of the week’ blogger challenge part 2: Lightening up

Forever 21 is continuing to help me knock things off my Christmas wish list thanks to the very generous gift card that comes part and parcel with their blogger challenge. Thus, I give unto thee my second summer outfit – a cullotes and crop top number that sounds like every woman’s nightmare but is actually easy to pull off, provided you know the rules.

Love this look!
Love this look!

The first is that culottes are a lot more flattering if you wear them with a heel to give your legs a little length. As far as crop tops go, those that reveal a little strip of skin above your belly button (and never the button itself) are pretty forgiving and, dare I say it, classier than any other variant?

The crop top and culottes were both R500 a pop.
The crop top and culottes were both R500 a pop.

 Now let’s zoom in on those details shall we?

I used to think backpacks were rubbish and then I met my match.
I used to think backpacks were rubbish and then I met my match. Also, see how the crop top buttons up at the back?

As far as accessories go, I’m very much a less is more kind of girl and this simple cuff (R49) is speaking my language.

A trend I’m really enjoying right now is to mix delicate temporary tattoos with ‘real’ jewellery.

Shoes-wise, block heels and metallics are bid news in the fashion world right now and these babies (R599) – which are super comfy by the way – are a great way to tick both boxes.

Kim Kardashian would approve.
Kim Kardashian would approve.

You like? Don’t forget that my competition is still running and a R2 100 Forever 21 gift card is up for grabs. You’ll find all the finer details regarding that over here but, in short, all you have to do is like my outfit post on Instagram (I’m @lipglossgirlxoxo) or leave a comment below telling me what you’d most like to buy using the voucher.

Love, love


A big lipglossy thank you to Leah Hawker for her incredible photography skills. 

23 thoughts on “Forever21 SA ‘Outfit of the week’ blogger challenge part 2: Lightening up

  1. i absolutely love gold, and the simplicity of these colours accentuate the gold perfectly. Makes a great day or night outfit. Well done on the choice.
    I love the forever21 brand and would definitely get my hand on bits of everything to add to my summer wardrobe, it definitely is one of the more tasteful brands out there.

    1. I’m really trying to freshen up my wardrobe and be more daring. I’d definitely purchase the block heel along with the cullot. Love the way you have paired these pieces

  2. I would most DEFINITELY buy matchy matchy metallic gold block heels like your ones! Nothing looks more comfortable and easy to walk in than those babies.

    Great outfit look, Leigh xx 😉

  3. I love the Black Jumpsuit with the bedazzle bling detail:) Move over LBD as theres a new kid on the block. I say that jumpsuits are sexy,sophisticated and gorgeous…I would love to wear this for my NYE bash. I can rest assured that even after many Long Island Iced Teas, I will still feel comfy and ooze sex appeal! Have a great Festive season.God Bless!
    P.S i have LOVED you on Instagram(anishasingh007)

  4. I would definitely purchase the coulettes and the pair of gold block heel. I have my Admission coming up and the court room could use a little sparkle 😊

  5. Love the styling gold combinations! Need some wardrobe freshening up. Some new heels, some dresses and a new costume would be on my list!

  6. you look stunning as always and have really changed my mindset regarding cullotes 🙂 I would love to buy some new summer dresses and a pair of cullotes to wear this year at Varsity

  7. This is definitely my favourite look of all your Forever 21 challenges. You’re working that crop top to death and I love those summery cullotes. Need a pretty pale combo like that in my wardrobe this summer x

  8. I’m crazy about that cream and white crop combo!! Wow, so pretty and elegant! Definitely needed this summer!

  9. Your cream and gold combo is a definite winner! Perfect, summery, and both elegant and casual at the same time! My favourite outfit!

  10. Its such a stunning light and feminine outfit and those gold heels fit perfectly cant get a more comfy stylish outfit.

    I wish I could pull off a pair of culottes 😉

    Fingerscrossed 🙂

  11. After a very long December and what looks to be a long January, it would be rad to be able to do some much needed retail therapy for myself.

  12. not a fan of culottes as I am really short and they tend to make me look “dumpy” but seeing it with the right accessories, I am now tempted to re-look at this versatile summer outfit. I would love to buy it and some summer dresses.

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