Body lotions are everywhere! Body lotions are pouring from the sky!

Can you tell I wrote that headline while a sleeping tablet was kicking in?

A bunch of body lotions have crossed my desk, the first being Kiehl’s Creme du Corps Soy Milk & Honey whipped body butter (R685, selected Edgars stores) in ultra-bright limited edition packaging that’s just in time for Christmas.

Mooi, ne?
Mooi, ne?

A creamy, dreamy mix of Shea and jojoba butter, beta carotene (a vitamin A-derived antioxidant) plus natural plant oils like avo and almond, Kiehl’s butter boasts an air-whipped texture and a yummy vanilla-honey scent. Despite really bringing it in the hydration department, it aforementioned moussey texture sees it absorbing rather fast.

As I don’t really have a dry skin type I plan to hide this boy away and then break him out in the middle of winter. It’s the kind of thing that’d be a real treat to use on a cold winter’s day after a hot bath. If you’ve got a drier skin type, however, this dude’s an every day gem.

Next up, Optiphi have created another variant of their popular Body Curve body lotion called Evergreen (R365, selected salons and Yemaya online). I can’t find a plant extract called ‘Evergreen’ so I’m assuming it’s just the name of the scent that, to my nose, just smells very ‘clean’ and ‘green’.

Can you tell I snapped this piccie in Thailand?
Can you tell I snapped this piccie in Thailand?

Formulation-wise, this light, creamy lotion is also a fast-absorber that makes use of Shea butter, soothing allantoin, a teensy dash of exfoliating lactic acid and a smidge of ‘true cinnamon’ extract, a good circulation-booster with antibacterial properties that can slow down glycation (the stiffening of collagen).

Oh! And here’s a special alert for you – if you buy any Optiphi products to the value of R2000 in the months of November or December, you’ll score a free Evergreen body lotion, mini gym towel and canvas shopper bag.

Lastly, Clere have extended their body lotion (R15,99) and body creme (R22,99) lines to include three new variants – Soothing Aloe & Moringa (green and fresh for summer), Pampering Powder Fresh (pure baby powder – leave it to your gran) and Luscious Tropical Cocoa Butter (a mix of citrus, coconut and musk – sooo not your typical cocoa butter).

They're also selling notebooks with my name on it, but that's a lie.
They’re also selling notebooks with my name on it, but that’s a lie.

Clere is a good example of how you don’t have to shell out a fortune for something as simple as a decent body lotion. From a formulation point of view, it’s made using glycerine with a dash of vitamin A and E – ingredients that are much the same as a zillion other higher end body lotions that you’ll pay more for simply because they target a higher LSM. (An LSM, for those of you who didn’t go to a fancy pants advertising school like I did, is an acronym for ‘Living Standard Measure’. When you flick your pen around in a meeting and say ‘Well yes, James, we have jacked up the price of that bog standard washing powder but we’re targeting a higher LSM. Didn’t you see the golden plastic scoop?’

So, like I said, Clere, despite the fact that it costs less than a KFC Crunch burger, is a nicely formulated body lotion that’s good at it’s job. While I dislike most Cocoa Butter scents I was impressed by theirs. It’s really more of a warm, creamy vanilla-type scent that dare I say it, reminds me a bit of Kiehl’s.

Now tell me, are you a product snob or do you only care that your beauty products work like a boss? Please feel free to share any of your bargain basement beauty finds in the comments section below. I’d looove to hear about them. Off the top of my head I can already think of three – Innoxa Spot Drops, Chinese store ‘mood lipstick’ that works with the pH of your skin and Mediscalp conditioner. I have no clue whether the latter is still around – it used to come in a revolting-looking yellow plastic tub – but I’ll always be grateful for how it managed to bring my bleach bath-damaged hair back from the brink of death when I was a poor student who can’t afford to buy a Kit Kat, let alone Kerastase.

Love, love


11 thoughts on “Body lotions are everywhere! Body lotions are pouring from the sky!

  1. I’m deffo into splurging on beautiful and expensive beauty products! It’s awesome to spoil and treat yourself sometimes! You should! But…… finding a great little gem at a bargain price is such a bonus!!! My favorites are the OSH (Oh So Heavenly) Creamy Caress Pro-Health Body Lotion, The New Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water, Zambuc (The Cherry One), Nivea Crème – The Original (Especially for ur feet), Johnson & Johnson Baby Wipes, Essence Bronzer, Cala Make-up Brushes Tools, Freeman Face Masks, Cleansers & Scrubs and Good Ol’ Pot of Vaseline (which has many wonderful uses) If it does the job and it happens to be a quarter of the price… Well fook me I am gonna bag it 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Some real goodies there! I was also really impressed by Garnier’s new micellar cleanser and adore Johnson’s baby wipes. They used to make this ‘good night’s sleep’ lavender one that was aways just R19 at Dis-Chem and I haven’t seen it in years. I still kind of pine away for it. Used to smell like heaven.

  2. I’ll buy anything that works really, though for body creams the most expensive I’ll usually go is The Body Shop, because that works wonders on my dry crocodile skin, haha. For the face I’m more discriminating because my skin is sensitive and prone to redness and breakouts, so I have to be careful in that department. That Kiehl’s body cream looks divine though! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  3. I spend less on anything that is not going to stay on my face for very long i.e. face wash but definitely spend more on treatments, serums and creams. P.S Mediscalp is definitely still around, I use it and on my little girl as treatment. Totally agree on the horrible tub it come in….. find it at dischem.

  4. I am always really grateful when you let us know about fantastic budget friendly alternatives as life is hard and there is never money for lovely beauty products. Thank you for sharing and caring enough! Just adore you!

    1. Thank you! And it’s only a pleasure. I’m currently saving for a house which is horrifying so I really do understand how important it is to be financially frugal.

  5. Nothing beats the budget buy of Vaseline petroleum jelly. It’s my go to for dry skin and lips.

    Essence eye liner is also a goodie that stays put even when I roll out the waterworks.

    I also prefer to save on cleanser, and splurge on moisturiser and serums. The garnier exfo brusher wash is great for oily skin. The bristles give me that extra exfoliation

  6. For dry skin I use Dis-Chem VANILLA Yoghurt Ice Cream Pampering Body Cream. Its a product from heaven – absolutely devine smell and a real pamper. The shower cream is also available

  7. Wow 1stly let me say I love how you comment even when travelling😍. Another budget beauty babe is Coco Heaven Tissue oil from Bramley.Works wonders on dry skin, stretch marks and spots. I would splurge on something if I tried it and liked it. Oh and on hair products, Bcos after all it is our crowning glory 👑

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