Review: Human + Kind orange conditioner for dry hair and hand + elbow + foot cream

Human + Kind is a nice line of ‘chemical-free’ and cruelty-free skin and haircare products made using all-natural ingredients. There are no colourants, parabens or perfumes in the mix, making their goodies a good pick for sensitive skin. Then there’s the super pretty packaging. I love that the greener, ‘organic’ trend has opened the door to more mainstream natural products and that their packaging no longer translates to ‘ugly brown box in a hessian sack wrapped up with a bit o’ twine’. I’ve recently tried the Human + Kind orange conditioner for dry hair (R124,99, Wellness Warehouse) and it’s a mother truckin’ super star.

Human + Kind conditioner for dry hair
Human + Kind Orange conditioner for dry hair

Formulated with moisturising aloe leaf juice, Shea butter, avocado oil and grapeseed oil, it’s aimed at a dry hair type. However, it did a great job of hydrating my colour-treated oil-prone fine hair and left it easy to brush while wet but didn’t weigh it down in the least. The best bit, however, is the way it smells. While the products are perfume-free (meaning fragrance isn’t added to the formula) the conditioner contains a nice quantity of sweet orange oil that gives it the most delicious ‘clean’, uplifting scent. You won’t really smell it if you sniff it in the tube or after you’ve washed your hair, but when you squeeze it out it blooms like a magnificent flower, so much so that I like to rub my palms together, hold them up to my face and just breath it in a few times before applying it to my hair, the same way a massage therapist often asks that you inhale their oils. It goes a long way towards making the super mundane act of giving my hair it’s daily wash feel like an indulgent spa treatment. Another goodie? The brand’s Hand + Elbow + Foot cream (R89,99, Wellness Warehouse).

Human + Kind Hand + Elbow + Foot cream

Again, it’s chocful of natural hydrators like glycerin, avocado oil, cocoa seed and Shea butter as well as soothing calendula oil. It’s got a lighter texture than you’d expect of something to moisturise a tough area like an elbow and doesn’t contain any exfoliating urea so I’ve been using it solely as a hand cream. I like that it’s non-greasy, absorbs in a flash and leaves my hands feeling super comfortable.

It doesn’t have any particular scent, which is sad, because I quite like mooi-smelling body products, but ag wat, it’s a lustable all the same, if only because it rakes in a lot of ‘ooh, that’s pretty’ when I pull it from my handbag.

To learn more about the line and find a stockist near you, visit the brand’s local website. The .com site, however, has more info on each product including a full ingredients list.

Love, love


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