Time for a change

Okay, so this is a difficult post to write but here we go!

After much consideration and counselling from Cape Town’s Scientology Centre (which I’m very grateful for) I’ve decided to pack it all in and pursue a little dream I didn’t realise I had – working on an organic chameleon farm in Budapest. I’m not sure if I’ll continue beauty blogging while I’m there but you know me, with a li’l help from Xenu I’ll magic a few extra hours out of each day.

You come and gooooo… you come and goooo-oooo!

More details coming soon!

Love, love


P.S. Does anyone know where I can find a knitting pattern for chameleon beanies? I can only find one for hamsters online.

P.S.S. April Fool’s, you big dork!

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