Review: Yardley’s new Metallic Fusion collection

Yardley has a new colour collection out called Metallic Fusion, inspired by this season’s metallic fashion trend, and sent me the prettiest press drop to show it off.

A bouquet full of Yardley mooiness!

Overall, I find the colours a bit wintery-looking, but hey, I’ve never dressed up my face according to the season – I wear the colours that suit me best all year round. The heroes of the line, I reckon, are the two Stayfast lip products – Liquid Matte Vinyl lip colour (R79,95) and High Definition lipgloss (R79,95). The fruity scented lipgloss is nicely pigmented to the point where it could almost step into liquid lipstick territory. Despite being non-sticky, it’s got decent staying power. Of the two shades, Cast Iron Coral and Pink Alloy, the latter’s my favourite in that it’s a nice ‘nude’ with enough pink in it to not wash me out. In this way, it reminds me a helluva lot of a Rimmel lipgloss called Snog that I used to love and adore back in high school (which now feels like a zillion years ago, like back when dinosaurs roamed the earth.)

Going clockwise you’ve got Cast Iron Coral, swatches of Pink Alloy on the left and CIC on the right, the Liquid Matte lippies and then swatches of Electric Tangerine and  Engine Red. No prizes for guesses which is which.

As for the Liquid Matte Vinyl colours, these are definitely in the liquid lippie zone. Initially, they go on with a bit of a shine which will give matte-cravers an initial burst of disappointment, but if you blot this off with your finger you’re left with a long-lasting matte colour that doesn’t feel like it’s going to dry out your lips and it’s back to happiness. I don’t wear orange or yellow-based corals – it’s blue-based all the way in a bid for even whiter-looking teeth – so Electric Tangerine isn’t for me. Engine Red, however, is a winner. Amazingly pigmented, ultra lightweight and almost a little bit stainalicious.

Eyes-wise, I didn’t fall in love with Yardley’s Lash Plumper Mascara (R99,95) – it adds colour, like ink, but doesn’t build to create volume- but the Kajal Pencil (R89,95) is great – a soft black, it glides on beautifully and can be blended to create a little smoke before it sets. As for the Stayfast Single Shadows (R69,95), I found Mineral Mauve to be the winner in regards to quality. It’s fabulously pigmented and stokes on a lot easier than the other two.

The shadow swatches going left to right are Copper Ore, Stripped Gold, Mineral Mauve and Gunmetal Green.

If you check the collection out yourself, let me know your thoughts.

Love, love


3 thoughts on “Review: Yardley’s new Metallic Fusion collection

  1. Engine Red is absolutely mesmerising. I love the opaque result. It is so vibrant and very…debonair. One will need a dose of confidence to pull this one off OR if one lacks the aforementioned, Engine Red will instantly boost it. It can be either one of the two. So getting it!

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