Reviews en masse: Bourjois So Lacque nail polish, Kiehl’s Calendula face wash and Milk Shake leave in conditioner and conditioning whipped cream

From a super shiny new nail polish to a hot new hair care brand that smells good enough to eat, it’s all right here bietse so let’s get crack-a-lacking…

Bourjois launch a new ultra shiny nail polish

How much do we love Bourjois nail polish? (And eye pencils… and their Healthy Mix foundation… there’s lots to love about Bourjois…) The French brand’s latest nail polish line is called So Lacque Ultra Shine (R96, selected Clicks stores). It’s enriched with double the amount of vinyl and contains a fancy reflective resin complex for a super shiny mani. They’re also free of all the usual ‘nasties’ – toulene, formaldehyde and whatnot.

I was given a super pretty coral shade called Prepp Hibiscus. I thought it was really flattering in that it worked well with my cool skin tone and made me feel like spring might just be around the corner. But ja. Does it live it up to its super shiny promise? Hells yeah.

Pretty, pretty and shot while bone dry with zero top coat.

The finish is so lustrous I kept thinking my nails were still wet and has a real ‘so I’ve just applied a top coat’ look, having not done so at all. Still, you really do have to use one. A top coat, that is. While the shine factor is most definitely there, without a good top coat, my colour started chipping on day two. But, with a slick of Seche Vite dry fast top coat, I was all set for a good five – a miracle for someone who’s always typing.

Kiehl’s Calendula Deep Cleansing foaming face wash hits the shelves

In the past, I’ve really enjoyed using Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Oil-Free Cleanser (it cleanses my combo-oily skin to perfection and one tube should last you a good six months) so I was excited to try the brand’s new Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming Face wash for normal to oily skin (R395, selected Edgars stores).

Kiehl's Calendula
Kiehl’s Calendula Deep Cleansing foaming face wash

From a packaging point of view, Calendula beats Ultra hands down. While Ultra came in a tube that got tricky to use towards the end, Calendula boasts a pump that ensures easy dispension (is that even a word?!) right down to the last drop. I like that it foams up to create a light soap-free lather that blitzes oil, dirt and make-up and afterwards, my skin feels perfectly clean and fresh as opposed to ‘tight’. In fact, now that I really think about it, Ultra did kind of leave me a leetle on the squeaky side of things. Perhaps now if I had to endure a Bachelorette-style face wash show down I’d tell Ultra how much I appreciate him as a friend before handing my rose over to zexy Mr C.

Scent-wise, I didn’t love how this face wash smelled exactly like Calendula cream when sniffed straight from the bottle. However, there’s also a bit of citrus in the mix and once you lather it up those notes come through loud and clear. In fact, it’s lovely lemony fresh scent is one of the things I like best about using it.

Anyway, if you’re looking for a nice, lightly foaming face wash for a trouble-free combination complexion or simply own Kiehl’s magnificent alcohol-free Calendula toner and want to get all matchy matchy, chances are you and Kiehl’s’ newbie are going to get along just fine.

Milk Shake hair products now available in SA

Milk Shake is an Italian salon hair care brand that’s quite popular in the UK. Their big selling point is that they use milk proteins and fruit extracts to help out your hair.

To be honest, I’m not too clued up on milk protein when applied to your tresses but the press release says it ‘conditions and restructures your hair’s cortex and cuticle’. This is possibly the same effects you’d get from using wheat protein-infused products, the more popular hair fortifier, or a little different. I have no clue. But I can tell you this – I’m really enjoying using the two products I got to try – the leave in conditioner (R238) and conditioning whipped cream (R246).

Milk Shake leave in conditioner on the left and moist
These bottles look teeny tiny as they’re the 50ml mini versions. Don’t worry, if you’re paying the full prices I’ve listed here, you’re getting a nice, big, full-size product.

Both products do as they claim and feature a warm, yummy scent that I initially mistook for vanilla but later it dawned on me – they smells exactly like white hot chocolate! With so many millions and zillions of hair care options, many of them being just as good as the other, something as silly as one having a seriously delish scent can totally sway me (which is probably 90% of the reason I love that bubblegummy Aussie range so much.)

Anyway, as far as results go, I liked that the leave in conditioner did a good job of detangling my hair while blitzing any remaining frizz after blow drying without weighing my hair down in the least. Notable ingredients include the strengthening milk proteins, hydrating honey and avocado oil, smoothing silicones and vitamin-rich strawberry, blueberry and papaya extracts.

As for the conditioning whipped cream, this comes out the can like a rich, creamy mousse but if you rub it around on your skin it feels super hydrating and is quickly absorbed. It doesn’t dry to a sticky finish like a styling mousse (which would make sense, as that’s exactly what it’s not) and I could totally see someone merrily using it as a body lotion in a pinch. Initially, I was worried this might weigh my superfine, pin straight hair down, especially since I’d already used a stock standard conditioner in the shower, so I nervously applied a golf ball-sized amount to my lengths before breaking out my blow drier and – surprise, surprise – the result was smooth, sleek locks. This is lovely stuff for anyone wanting a dash more hydration than what they’re getting in the shower.

To find a stockist in your area call (021) 552 2369.

Love, love


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