Review: Optiphi Body Curve body lotion

Optiphi, best known for their in-salon peels, make some lovely facial products too and are now moving into body territory too with their new Body Curve body lotion (R360).

According to their website, the optiphi team put their heads together to create a list of what their ideal body lotion would offer; 24 hydration and protection, a protective barrier for the skin and be fast absorbing. Now, to be perfectly honest, there are several body lotions on the shelf that are half the price and can deliver on all the aforementioned promises. Nivea’s new lotions, for example, make use of HydraIQ technology to also serve up a full day of hydration. Still, optiphi’s formula is a very good one and also goes the extra mile thanks to the addition of antioxidant bamboo extract and cinnamon leaf oil which has gylcation-suppressant properties.

If I were back in ad school and presenting a rationale on how to market this product, the cinnamon leaf oil angle is the one I’d talk about first. This is Body Curve’s ‘differentiating factor’, the thing that sets it apart from other body lotions. You see, glycation, for those who don’t know, is a horrible little aging process that scientist are slowly getting better acquainted with. It’s when your body’s collagen and elastin get all hard and brittle over time, like a worn out old swimming costume that’s been left in the sun. It’s something that’s going to happen to every one (fun!) but we’ve learned that ingesting sugar speeds it up. So, in essence, that cupcake isn’t just going to ruin your ass, your face is going to suffer too. (Oh my God, why are you still reading my blog? Isn’t this just depressing the shizz out of you? Go grab an ice cream and play in the sun with some puppies right now! Do it fast before your soul like totally curls up and dies…)

Anyway, we’re only just starting to understand glycation and how to beat and there are several ways to topically combat it and cinnamon oil’s been flagged as one of several things that can help. How much, I have no clue, but if smearing it all over my skin while passing on that second macaroon might keep me looking younger for longer than that’s how I’m going to roll. And lucky for me I’m crazy about the way cinnamon smells so I absolutely adore Optiphi’s new lotion. It actually smells like something Lush would make. (If you read my post on their recent store event the other day you’ll know they make a host of cinnamon-scented awesome of which I’m crazy about.)

Want to give optiphi Body Curve a bash? Find your nearest stockist by giving the brand a shout on (012) 667 6244.

Love, love


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