Lush introduces new African Paradise body conditioner and more to South Africa

The other day I was invited to pop into Lush’s V&A store to say hello to a few of their new products.

We got to sip on Amarula while munching on yummy, healthy snacks that included veggie crudites IN AN EDIBLE BOWL. Cleverness!
We got to sip on Amarula while munching on yummy, healthy snacks that included veggie crudites IN AN EDIBLE BOWL. Cleverness!

Of all their newbies, the star of the show is definitely African Paradise, a new African-inspired self-preserving in-shower body conditioner that makes use of various African-sourced ingredients including Fair Trade marula oil from a Lush-funded project in South Africa. It’s lovely and light and smells like Frangie Panies.

Strawberry Feels Forever bar, Sakura and new self-preserving goodies to the left, the soaps in the middle (the bright yellow lot is Sandstone) and African Paradise to the right.

Other new goodies in store? Strawberry Feels Forever (ha!), a strawberry massage bar that smells just like McDonald’s strawberry milkshake. This is probably the last thing Lush want to hear but to me  it’s a draw card. Then there’s a small selection of old favourites (Dream Cream, Ocean Salt and what not) that have been reformulated to be ‘self-preserving’ and Sakura, a fresh ‘n breezy-smelling bath ballistic inspired by Japanese cherry blossoms. It’s got mimosa, jasmine and citrus oils in the mix so it should appeal to anyone who like refreshing white florals.

Lush also has a new (very slightly) exfoliating soap called Sandstone but it’s got quite a strong citronella vibe so I wasn’t really a fan. As far as their soaps go, I’ll always only ever have eyes for Honey I Washed The Kids, their toffee and honey-scented soap. (It’s sitting in my shower as I type.) And if I want an exfoliator I head for the hard stuff – Aqua Mirabilis all the way, bietse.

Anyway, while in the store, I thought I’d take the opportunity to nab shot of a few of my other favourite things…

Honey I Washed the Kids soap on the left, Honey Bee and Big Blue bath ballistics, Blue Skies bubble bar (centre) and NEW! solid shampoo and Soft Coer massage bar on the right.

Lush’s bath ballistics are the reason I cry myself to sleep about the fact that my new apartment only has a shower. I don’t know why I thought I’d be able to get over not having a bath for a while. Clearly I was wrong and now I’m just having to deal. Life is cruel and twisted that way. The favourites that I’m pining for most are Honey Bee (smells like Honey, I Washed the Kids!) and Big Blue (the ocean! I’m a mermaid! Splash fantasies are real, yo!). I also have a soft spot for Space Girl (blackberries) and Phoenix Rising (cinnamon).

More sadness for Auntie Leigh? I also can’t get jiggy with their Blue Skies bubble bar any more. This is a fab value goodie as you can break it up into bits to create a tub full of bubbles. Blue Skies is the shizz because it smells like patchouli and frankincense. Something about it makes me think of Narciso Rodriguez for Her mingled with a slightly spicy, more masculine note, which is probably the frankincense. Duh.

As far as their shampoo bars go, I used to be a fan of Godiva, the yellow one, but, because I’m a shampoo slet, I’ve recently tossed it aside in favour of the red, cinnamon-y one, aptly titled NEW! It’s supposed to help stimulate your scalp or something but I only care about the fact that it reminds me of those Fireball sweets my little sister and I used to blow our pocket money on back in the day. (We used to rinse them under the tap before eating them ‘cos we were totally pansies but have since graduated to ordering and enjoying Sawadee’s lava-infused Jungle Curry. My sister’s favourite wicked game involves paying heat-hating dinner guests to down a tablespoon for R100 a pop, laughing while they use their cash to wipe away their tears. Clearly, she is evil. And Euro’s stretch far too nicely in South Africa…)

Wicky Magic Muscles - those l'il bean things help give your massage a bit of an extra oomph.
Wiccy Magic Muscles massage bar- a spicy, cinnamon treat with l’il aduki beans to give your rub down a little extra oomph.

As far as massage bars go, Lush do some luuurvly ones. Again, I’m clearly on the cinnamon train at the mo as I really like Wiccy Magic Muscles (pictured up top). Tres lekker for a cold winter’s day, especially if you’ve been running around town all day in heels. I also have a soft spot for Soft Coer, the heart-shaped bar in my second collage. It smells like white chocolate and the heat from your body makes it melt in a flash. Because he’s not ‘bumpy’, he’s a fab little dude to rub on your legs, just as you would a body lotion. Just bear in mind that you then run the risk of being accosted by cats and dogs (and maybe even boys) that’ll be dead set on licking your shins. A small price to pay for a life spent smelling like KFC’s Milky Bar Krusher.

Thanks for having me Lush, I had fun!

Love, love


To view more of Lush’s radness pay them a visit on Facebook or check out their SA online store. They ship nationwide!

5 thoughts on “Lush introduces new African Paradise body conditioner and more to South Africa

  1. I love Lush. Speaking of MickeyDs milkshakes and KFC Krushers (saw a commercial for those one time, HAVE to get one thanks for the reminder), their Bubblegum Lip Scrub makes me want to eat it and their Cupcake face mask always does the trick for me (super soft skin after). Why is everything I love related to food?! Brb gonna go eat.

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