Enter Spree.co.za’s winter trend competition and win a trailor made beauty box worth R1000

Don’t you just luuurve how online shopping is taking off in South Africa? If , like me, you’re a big fan of tossing shizz in your virtual trolley you’ll be glad to know that Spree.co.za’s now got a nice li’l beauty department going on. Better yet, to celebrate its launch, they’re running a host of fab ‘gift with purchase’ specials and delivery is FREE – so you’d be almost dof to buy something you want in a store if it’s sitting online at Spree.

Some of the gems?

Spend R200 or more on Bourjois and snap up a mini make-up brush kit for free.

Every girl needs this boy (R80) stashed in her car's cubby hole
Every girl needs this boy (R80) stashed in her car’s cubby hole

Spend R100 or more on Catrice (easily done, I love this brand) and get a free lipgloss.

Catrice Camouflage cream is one of my favourite concealers. It kicks other more expensive brands' ass.
Blow your cash on this: Catrice Camouflage cream (R50). It’s one of my favourite concealers and kicks other more expensive brands’ ass.

Spend R500 or more on Stila and get a free lip glaze trio worth R375!

I have no clue if this is the one you'll get - I just ripped this shot off the net - but it would be nice, right?
I have no clue if this mooi pink one is the one you’ll get – I just ripped this shot off the net – but wouldn’t that be nice, right?

Anyway, there’s yet another way to score with Spree – enter their Winter Beauty Trend personality quiz competition, share the results on twitter or Facebook and you could win a Spree beauty box worth R1000 that’s specially made up to suit your beauty style. You can take the quiz over here. 

If you enter via twitter, your tweet has to be pretty specific and include both Spree’s and my handle, a #beautyspree hashtag, your quiz result and a link. (Good God! How are you meisies going to remember all that?!) To ensure you don’t not include anything and bugger your chances of winning, I suggest you just copy and paste this dude:

Hey @spreecoza and @lipglossgirl. My #beautyspree quiz result is <RESULT>. Hope I win that R1000 beauty box! http://ow.ly/x68cS 

For the record, after doing the quiz I was told I was a Berry Babe but suspected I’d end up getting plum-toned lippies and shadows which I passionately despise so I maniacally re-did the quiz over and over until I could skew my results towards The Vixen. I’m just that kind of ridiculous.

Rules? The competition closes at COB on the 30th of this month. The winner is notified on twitter and if you don’t acknowledge your win within 48 hours Spree’s going to draw someone else. You can only enter once, so please don’t spam me with 100 tweets.

Wishing you all the best of luck,


3 thoughts on “Enter Spree.co.za’s winter trend competition and win a trailor made beauty box worth R1000

  1. My #beautyspree quiz result is Berry Babe. I have shared this giveaway and my result on Twitter (@flutterbymegs)! Fingers crossed! xxx

  2. Leigh, if I enter via Facebook, do I need to share my results on THEIR Facebook page or on mine? Also: do I need to write something on the Facebook page when I share the results?

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