So I went on a li’l Edgars shopping spree and fell in love with a few goodies in their Free2BU section

Last week Edgars‘ PR peeps were kind enough to give me a gift card to spend in their store provided I shared my purchases on my blog. (Tough gig, right?) So, I hit up the Canal Walk store and ended up blowing all my money in their Free2BU section. It’s totally nailing all the big winter trends right now; from pleather and grunge to chunky, fluffy knits and tartan.

But before I show off what I bought, check out a few of the other gems that totally caught my eye:

Edgars’ Jessica Simpson footwear is to die for, I’m sooo going back for that check Free2BU dress and reckon those oversize Kelso knits were literally made to wear with leather leggings, black stiletto ankle boots and a top knot.

In the end, I walked off with an eyelash knit ‘star’ jersey (R399,95) that feels like it was made from the tummies of a hundred puppies, a zexy black tuxedo-style blazer (R499,95) and a super cute cross print tee-shirt dress (R279,99), all Edgars Free2BU.

Appreciate this shot, girls. Taking mirror selfies while sales girls stared at me was mortifying.
Appreciate this collage, girls. Taking mirror selfies while bemused sales girls looked on made me feel suuuper douchey.

I’m wearing a lot of dresses this winter as it’s just sooo easy; gooi ’em on over leggings, add ankle boots and a jacket and BAM, you’re all set! So, to show you how versatile my new rokkie is, I pitched up at my friend Tam’s house and pretty much threw my camera at her. ‘My photographer bailed and we’ve only got an hour of light. If you make me look fat I’ll claw out your eyes’, I said. To her credit and despite the fact that she’s currently knocked up, uber nauseous and riddled with a nasty flu, she crawled off the couch and we embarked on the kind of embarrassing fashion shoot you do when you’re all of 12, know your way around a crimper and your mom finally trusts you to use her fancy camera without dropping it.

So, let’s get stuck in, shall we? First up, behold le dress, styled up with my favourite moto jacket (also from Edgars but bought last season) and a pair of New Look ankle boots I picked up in Paris.

Sadly, my ‘me standing up shot’ came up blurry. But you get the idea. A cute winter look that’s perfect for the office (provided you don’t work in a boring bank).

This dress is easy to style down too. You could easily swap out the boots for Converse-style trainers and add a denim jacket. It also looks awesome with the fab eyelash knit jersey and a pair of studded boots and a ‘junk yard dog’-style chain to work a super trendy ‘tough luxe’ angle. Check it out:

Love this look
I love this look; its ultra comfy and has just the right amount of quirk. And no, I didn’t manage to catch her freaky nudist neighbour watering his plants. This time.

I’m freelancing at an ad agency in the avies and you have no idea how well this jersey went down with all the girls. It also gave me an excuse to hug all my new co-workers, go limp in their arms and demand they stroke my super soft bunny fur. Let it never be said I don’t have a knack for freaking out people I’ve just met making new friends fast.

So, did you see anything you like? I’ll be creating another post about yet another Edgars shopping spree next month but that will include a competition in which you could win a R1000 Edgars gift card. So watch this space!

Love, love


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